What is Meditation? Why people need it? Ways To Medidate

What is Meditation? Why people need it? Ways To Medidate

What is Meditation? Why people need it?, How to Meditation at Home?, Tips and Steps for reduce Anxiety, Benefit and Video

What is Meditation?

Universal meditation is the normal way to bring about conscious communication between the human soul and Christ, who is in the human being throughout the universe. God expresses himself by two key modes of Cosmic Light and Sound according to the Scriptures of the main religions and the Masters of the highest order.

Meditation brings peace and quiet against daily stress and opens the door to our darkest and most spiritual component.

Concentration: Concentrate attention on a single, internal or external object (focused meditation on attention)

Observation: pay attention to everything that prevails in your current experience,  without allowing your attention to stay on any particular thing (open  monitoring meditation)

Awareness: that sensitivity stays there, untrained and does not concentrate or observe

Why people need mediation?

The word “meditate” originally simply means to think deeply. Nevertheless, the term used to describe the East Contemplative Practices “imported” into western culture, lacking a better word. Meditation today has more meaning than a deep reflection in this exercise.

Health Benefits list

Improving your perfect health, well being, performance, focus.
Emotional healing, self-knowledge, self-discipline, letting go.
Connecting with spiritual God, inner peace, and other spiritual goals.

How to start mediation at Home?

There are hundreds of forms of meditation, so it takes some time to find the best one for you.
The solution I recommend is to experiment and time for a short time with different meditation techniques (say a week) and to record your experiences. After a while, you’ll be better able to choose the most appropriate meditation technique.

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