Ukrainian Quotes About Love, Friendship, Wisdom

Ukrainian Quotes About Love, Friendship, Wisdom

Ukrainian Quotes About Love, Friendship, Wisdom

Ukrainian Quotes: 

Canada has the world’s largest Ukrainian population outside of Ukraine and Russia. As a senator from Minnesota, a state with a large Ukrainian-American community, I understand how important it is that Canada works with us to stand up to Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Amy Klobuchar

I wholeheartedly support the aspirations of the Ukrainian people for a democratic, free and just society where the rule of law prevails without corruption or government violence directed against citizens.

Marcy Kaptur

My late mother moved back to her parents’ homeland in the 1990s when Ukraine and Russia, along with the thirteen other former Soviet republics, became independent states. Drawing on her experience as a lawyer in Canada, she served as executive officer of the Ukrainian Legal Foundation, an NGO she helped to found.

Chrystia Freeland

The allegations surrounding whether President Trump pressured the Ukrainian leader to investigate the family of his political rival is, if true, a disgraceful betrayal of the oath of office and demands immediate action by Congress.

Amy McGrath

The Canadian government has had a field day apologising for past policies towards a series of ethnic groups: Italian, Ukrainian, Sikh, Chinese, Japanese and Jews.

Margaret MacMillan

Ukraine had quite serious impact on the many Russians. They could see that ordinary people in Ukraine which is a bordering state, very close to Russia, the people of this state are, they didn’t want to tolerate anymore the power abuse by Ukrainian officials.

Garry Kasparov

I refuse to be part of an effort to legitimize an alternate narrative that the Ukrainian government is a U.S. adversary, and that Ukraine – not Russia – attacked us in 2016.

Fiona Hill

My Ukrainian grandmother would tell amazing stories. She lost her father, and as children, we would always listen to her stories.

Svetlana Alexievich

I am very confident based on all of the analysis that has been done – and, again, I don’t want to start getting into intelligence matters – that the Ukrainian government did not interfere in our election in 2016.

Fiona Hill

One of the problems in the Ukrainian crisis is that very few Westerners know their history, or if they know it, what they learn is what we call the Russian version of history.

Norman Davies

From the U.S., we need strong political support for the Ukrainian peace plan – the Minsk agreement.

Petro Poroshenko

I am Ukrainian and fighting like a Ukrainian.

Oleksandr Usyk

I grew up in a Ukrainian Catholic-turned-Christian household, and that is my family’s faith.

Vera Farmiga

I’m very happy to fight on the same card with Vasyl Lomachenko and Oleksandr Gvozdyk. This is something we’ve been talking about since we were amateurs – to have three members of the 2012 Ukrainian Olympic team in the same event.

Oleksandr Usyk

The Ukrainian community is tight-knit by nature.

Vera Farmiga

In the Western Church to which I belong, priests cannot be married as in the Byzantine, Ukrainian, Russian or Greek Catholic Churches. In those churches, the priests can be married, but the bishops have to be celibate. They are very good priests.

Pope Francis

I was a Ukrainian folk dancer in my teens, and I toured the country in 1991, shortly before the break-up of the Soviet Union.

Vera Farmiga

I have been a figure skater for so long that when I stopped that competitive day-to-day grind, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I don’t know how the world works outside of being barked at by a Ukrainian woman and watching my weight.

Johnny Weir

Ukrainian politics is like a fight with no rules. They are trying everything to take me out of the presidential election. I am the biggest danger for the people in power right now.

Vitali Klitschko
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