Udonis Haslem Quotes On Autographed Jersey, Age

Udonis Haslem Quotes On Autographed Jersey, Age

Udonis Johneal Haslem (born 9 June 1980) is a professional American basketball player with the National Basketball Association's Miami Heat (NBA). He has played for the Florida Gators college basketball, where he was a key member of four NCAA tournament teams.He spent a year playing professional basketball in France, then signed with the Miami Heat in 2003. When playing for the Heat he won three NBA championships.

Udonis Haslem Quotes:

The Heat gave me an opportunity when nobody else wanted to.

Udonis Haslem

I’ve learned a lot from the experiences that I went through in high school, through college and overseas, and just everything in life. That is what prepared me for coming into the NBA, being undersized, no recognition, not getting anything easy, and I have been fortunate to prosper in this league.


A lot of people look at playing overseas as a step down from the NBA. And, yes it is a step down from the NBA money-wise, but there is just as good of talent overseas as in the NBA. Not better talent.


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