Top 5 Best Streax Hair Colors To Buy In 2020 With Pics

Top 5 Best Streax Hair Colors To Buy In 2020

Top 5 Best Streax Hair Colors To Buy In 2020

Why to use streax products?

Change is good. And it’s great when it comes in a colored hair. Unless it is difficult to select the right color, right? Furthermore, you have to be aware of your choices and find the perfect shade complementing your skin tone for that there is Streax Hair Colors.

You’ve come to the right place if you are thinking about coloring your hair and looking for something nice.

5 Best Streax Hair Colors

Streax Hair Colors:

1) Streax Int.Red 5.66 Hair Colour:

Streax Int.Red 5.66 Hair Colour
Source: Nykaa

Streax’s Red 5 hair color is red blood, suitable for tones fair to medium. It contains no harmful ingredients and repairs the damaged hair. It is a safe hair color. The hair color has a rich, creamy texture that easily extends to your hair, so you can paint it at home.

The color of the hair has the properties of Kera-Vits that strengthens the hair roots and also prevents hair splitting and drying. It’s a color that lasts long and won’t dim.

2) Streax Walnut Brown 5.4 Hair Colour:

Streax Walnut Brown 5.4 Hair Colour

Another variant in brown is relatively lighter, with the exception. For a reason, it is called brown walnut. Try this brown shadow if you tried other shades of brown and want to try something new. This is much lighter and clearer than your ordinary browns. Those with lighter skin tones look great.

3) Streax Red Brown 4.6 Hair Color:

Streax Red Brown 4.6 Hair Color
Source: fewabazar

A blend of red and brown hair color will simultaneously look very elegant and different. This combo can end with your search if you have been searching for that combo for a long time. This combination is particularly suited to dusky skin tones for all skin types.

If you’d be afraid of red hair, this red-brown blend is a good choice because it’s very wearable and subtle. The color of your hair includes kera-vit properties to protect your hair from harm. It also reinforces weak roots.

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