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Brucellosis Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment

What is Brucellosis? The disease is a very contagious zoonotic disease caused by ingesting or closely contacting their secretions of unpasteurized milk or uncooked meat from infected animals. It is also referred to as undulating fever, Malta and Mediterranean fever…. Continue Reading →

Botulism Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment

What is Botulism? Botulism is a rare and potentially fatal disorder caused by a toxin released by the Clostridium botulinum bacterium. Weakness, blurred vision, feeling tired, and trouble speaking start with the disease. Weakness of the arms, chest muscles, and… Continue Reading →

Scombroid Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment

What is Scombroid? Scombroid poisoning is a foodborne disease typical of spoiled food, also known as simple scombroid. Skin flush, headache, itchiness, blurred eye vision, abdominal cramps and diarrhea may be the symptoms. The onset of symptoms usually lasts from… Continue Reading →

Melioidosis Symptoms, Prevention, Treatment, Transmission

What is Melioidosis?  Melioidosis is the infectious disease of Burkhalderia pseudomallei, a Gram negative bacterium. Most people have B infections. Pseudomallei does not show any symptoms, but the symptoms of pseudomallei range from mild signs and symptoms, such as fever,… Continue Reading →

Trichonosis Symptoms, Characteristics, Prevention

What is Trichonosis?  Trichinosis, also called trichinellosis, is a parasite of the type Trichinella roundworms. Invasion of the bowels may lead to diarrhea , abdominal pain and vomiting while the initial infection is taking place. Larvae migration to Muscle that… Continue Reading →

Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Symptoms, Prevention

What is Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome? Blood disorders are the group of low red blood cells, acute kidney failure and low platelets that are characterized by hemolytic uremic disease (HUS). HUS. Ordinarily initial symptoms include blood diarrhea, fever , vomiting and… Continue Reading →

Autism Prevention, Causes, Symptoms, Characteristics

What is Autism? Autism is a developmental disorder characterized by social interaction and communication difficulties, and by a limited, repetitive behavior. In the first three years of their child’s lives, parents often notice signs. These signs often develop gradually, though… Continue Reading →

Campylobacteriosis Prevention, Treatment, Causes

What is Campylobacteriosis? Campylobacteriosis is C bacterium infection, usually C. Campylobacteriosis. Yeah , yeah. It is often a foodborne disease and is among the most common bacterial infections. Including seizures, fever and pain, it leads to an inflammatory, and at… Continue Reading →

Pertussis Symptoms, Prevention, Causes, Vaccine

What is Pertussis? Pertussis is a highly contaminating bacterial disease, also referred to as whooping cough or cough for 100 days. Initial symptoms are usually similar to the common cold with runny nose, fever and mild toxins, but weeks of… Continue Reading →

Cyclosporiasis Causes, Prevention, Treatment, Diagnosis

What is Cyclosporiasis? Cyclosporiasis is a disease caused by a cyclosporic cayetanensis infection, a pathogenic fece or fecal food- and water-contaminated protozoan. Because of contaminated fruit and vegetables, outbreaks have been notified. It is not spread from individual to person,… Continue Reading →

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