“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” - Bill Keane

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Overboard Quotes About Book, Little Girl, Grant, Going, Andrew, Arturo

Overboard Quotes: Scriabin, as you know, is a mystic composer. His music is supersensuous, superromantic, and supermysterious. Everything is super; it is all a little overboard. Anyway, my parents were pleased that I played for him. Vladimir Horowitz We wanted… Continue Reading →

Governs Quotes About Education, Least, Students, Book

Governs Quotes: Attention may sound dull, but it is an essential aspect of consciousness. In fact, it governs what it is that we turn out to be conscious of, and therefore plays a part in the coming into being of… Continue Reading →

Merging Quotes About Companies, Family, Together, Book, Nature

Merging Quotes: Television and web are merging. John Cabrera You take fantasies, which for thousands of years belonged to the religious realm – overcoming death or our merging with the universe – and you suddenly start talking about them in… Continue Reading →

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