Tablet Quotes About Sleeping, Medicine, Toilet, Wallpapers

Tablet Quotes About Sleeping, Medicine, Toilet, Wallpapers

Tablet Quotes About Sleeping, Medicine, Toilet, Wallpapers

Tablet Quotes:

We believe that Apple has it wrong: they’ve talked about it being the post-PC era, they talk about the tablet and PC being different; the reality in our world is that we think that’s completely incorrect.

B. Kevin Turner

My role is to think about what the future could be for Airbnb – and that includes crafting an effortless and easy-to-use service on any platform, whether mobile, tablet, or Web.

Joe Gebbia

The tablet is not mainstream. Reading off the screen is not mainstream.

Bill Gates

In my view the tablet and the PC are different. You can do things with the tablet if you are not encumbered by the legacy of the PC.

Tim Cook

We didn’t make the first mp3, smartphone, or tablet. But you can say we made the first modern mp3, smartphone, and tablet. And I think now we’re making the first modern smartwatch.

Tim Cook

A location-aware tablet will let us use what’s called geodesign to compose participatory, what-if scenarios onsite, using maps that several people can share – something we could always do with paper but that’s been a challenge with digital maps in the field.

Jack Dangermond

Phones are a big deal, but tablets are an even bigger deal. So we’re doing a lot of design work and experimentation around the tablet experience.

Parker Harris

We’re paying a lot of attention to the iPad. But we’re expanding that to a tablet focus.

Parker Harris

Accept that the moment you buy your latest iPad, iPhone, tablet, app or game it will be promptly followed by a vastly improved and sleeker looking version.

Simon Mainwaring

I really like using my Samsung (005930:KS) tablet. I previously used the Motorola Xoom for a while and liked that.

Larry Page

The reason we wouldn’t make a seven-inch tablet isn’t because we don’t want to hit a price point, it’s because we don’t think you can make a great tablet with a seven-inch screen.

Steve Jobs

I think comics are faster to draw with a pen and then fill and tone by computer. But my illustrations are all done via computer. I even draw the lines on a tablet.

Akira Toriyama
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