Sync Quotes About Salesforce, Nature, Harmony, Souls, Stock

Sync Quotes About Salesforce, Nature, Harmony, Souls, Stock

Sync Quotes About Salesforce, Nature, Harmony, Souls, Stock

Sync Quotes:

In ‘Queen,’ songs were the part of events happening in the story, and that is where we enjoy music. We dance at weddings, we lip sync at bars and discos, and there are special moments in life which need background music. It should be depicted in films in the same way.

Manoj Bajpayee

We want to reinvent the phone. What’s the killer app? The killer app is making calls! It’s amazing how hard it is to make calls on most phones. We want to let you use contacts like never before – sync your iPhone with your PC or mac.

Steve Jobs

With Sync technology, we’re seamlessly connected to the Internet, hands-free, and able to focus on the road but also able to handle guidance and navigation and play your music.

Alan Mulally

I get recognized more for my ‘Lip Sync Battle’ than I do for being Spider-Man.

Tom Holland

If you followed this economic crisis and you do not think that the world is getting flatter, you are not paying attention. We saw the entire global economy at one time acting totally in sync. The real truth is the world is even flatter than I thought. Our mortgage crisis is killing Deutsche Bank. You still don’t think the world is flat?

Thomas Friedman

Hip-hop certainly is in sync with the youth, and every day that passes, I grow less youthful, as much as I have tried to hold onto it.

John Cena

You think I’m going to ask these sweet 14 year olds to ask their parents to buy a $100 ticket then run around in latex and lip sync? No way.

Lady Gaga

There’s something about the rhythm of walking, how, after about an hour and a half, the mind and body can’t help getting in sync.


The problem with looking in the mirror is that you never know how you will feel about what you see. Sometimes, when my hormones are out of sync, I have no interest in the mirror, and if I do look I think everything is all wrong. Other times, I am quite pleased with what I see.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I don’t want to do romantic roles where I have to lip sync to a song. A role that explores romance on a new level would suit me.

Irrfan Khan

I don’t like karaoke. But maybe that’s why I’m so perfect for ‘Lip Sync Battle,’ because I get to still hear the song I love and watch the performances that I love without having to hear someone sing.

Chrissy Teigen

Part of the joy of looking at art is getting in sync in some ways with the decision-making process that the artist used and the record that’s embedded in the work.

Chuck Close

Back in the day, when a man in a wig had to ‘lip sync for their life,’ they relied on a wig reveal, rose petals or picking up their opponent and twirling them around.

Bianca Del Rio

There’s drag queens who lip sync brilliantly. There’s drag queens who sing live brilliantly – none of those are me.

Bianca Del Rio

There are times when your mind isn’t ready to go but your body is, and times when your body is ready to go but your mind isn’t. You try to get the two in sync as much as possible.

Ben Zobrist

Passover and Easter are the only Jewish and Christian holidays that move in sync, like the ice skating pairs we saw during the winter Olympics.

Marvin Olasky

I was always excited about doing things with people that were ahead of their time, that were sort of out of sync with the rest of society.

Jerry Heller

If you’re going to start a group, make sure the people you’re starting it with are in sync.

Avi Kaplan

Our vision is to allow users to search for content like movies, music, and songs with your voice or using gestures on the Kinect and sync that with your TV screen, phone, PC, or any other device.

Jean-Philippe Courtois

There’s this whole other element of film scoring, which is the social and psychological side of how you’re dealing with people… And that is not always in sync with what’s right for the picture.

Marco Beltrami

In general, good tools for staying in sync just haven’t been built and made available to the world.

Justin Rosenstein
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