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Slim Quotes:

On the subject of literary genres, I’ve always felt that my response to poetry is inadequate. I’d love to be the kind of person that drifts off into the garden with a slim volume of Elizabethan verse or a sheaf of haikus, but my passion is story.

J. K. Rowling

Now a ‘funnyman’ can get a laugh before opening his mouth – looking funny. Lou Costello was one of your great funnymen. Harry Langdon, Larry Semon; they were all funnymen – they looked funny. W.C. Fields was never a comedian. Slim Summerville was a comedian, yet looked funny. Now if you have both attributes, you are in good shape.

Milton Berle

The chances of a bank going out of business are extremely slim, but it’s always a good idea to spread around major sums so every penny is backed by insurance.

Suze Orman

The state of radio is not great. It’s like playing the lottery. The chances of hitting are mind boggling slim.

Teddy Thompson

Skyjackers had a pretty abysmal success rate – once you commandeered a plane in American airspace, your odds of a happy ending were slim. After the epidemic ended in 1973, what folks tended to remember most about the skyjackers was their futility.

Brendan I. Koerner

I have been active as a writer and journalist for nearly forty years. But the number of great reporters I have run across in that time would make, as they say, a slim book. Without question, the top man on my list would be Tommy Thompson.

Shana Alexander

Young girls look to me as a role model and think I crash diet to keep slim. That’s not true, I always eat properly.

Denise Van Outen

I’ve learned that for Indian people, the opportunity for us to succeed is very slim. So acting was a great tool for that. And in the process of learning about my culture, I’ve learned how to connect myself again to my ancestors.

Adam Beach

I like to wear tight jeans. Most of my stuff is pretty slim fit.

Carl Hagelin

Americans who read the papers or watch Jay Leno have been aware for some time now that there is a slim but real possibility – about 1 in 45,000 – that an 850-foot-long asteroid called Apophis could strike Earth with catastrophic consequences on April 13, 2036.

Rusty Schweickart

My first book was an adult novel, ‘Down Among the Gods,’ published by Virago, and I’ve written poems as well, a slim volume of poetry.

Kate Thompson

The French are endowed with bigger limbs; those of the Spaniards are stronger; they have a very slim waist. The French fight with more ferocity than advise. The Spaniards the opposite.

Michael Servetus

I’m not slim. I’m a curvy girl: I’ve got thighs and a bum. I don’t mind baring the fact that I’ve got a bit of cellulite because everybody has. I find it off-putting when everybody on telly is the same size or looks the same build. For me, it’s important for people to watch someone normal.

Vicky McClure

People called me ‘Slim’ and ‘Daddy Long Legs.’ My best friend Martine named me Daddy Long Legs after she saw me running track. She was making fun of me!

Shelley Hennig

I’d never really been content with just churning out these slim volumes every three or four years. I’ve always tried to think of poetry as an active ingredient in the language rather than just something that appears between the covers of thin books.

Simon Armitage

Realistically, the chance of any book becoming a film is slim.

Kenneth Oppel

Given how majestically slim she always was, it’s a little odd to admit that I can remember bellowing that Whitney Houston was The Heavyweight Champion of the World! on the MTV News floor back in the ’90s.


Poetry is a lousy form of activism; it doesn’t really change much. And maybe we can point to one or two historical times when a poem has started a revolution or a rebellion or an uprising, but it doesn’t happen that often, and if you put the number of poems next to the number of political acts, it would be pretty slim.

Daphne Gottlieb

I was born and raised in Vancouver. I moved to Beijing in 2010 just before the Olympics. Being an Asian Canadian actor, the amount of opportunity at the time was slim to none. I made the decision to go to China, and it was one of the best decisions of my life.

Osric Chau

When I planned to ski Everest, the first thing I faced was, ‘How can I return alive?’ All the preparation and training was based on this question. But the more I prepared, I knew the chance of survival was very slim. Nobody in the world had done this before, so I told myself that I must face death. Otherwise, I am not eligible.

Yuichiro Miura

Being slim is the new elitism. Thinness today says that you are richer, smarter and more successful than the overweight masses.

David Zinczenko

But my eyes were riveted on a small slim woman her hair simply coiled into her neck, Katherine Glasier.

Ellen Wilkinson

If you really love acting, you’ll want to act. That’s what I did. You don’t look for any payday because the likelihood of a payday is slim to none.

Robert Gossett

Pool swimmers are very slim, and they’re stronger. Marathon swimmers have to train an awful lot, and they end up losing a bit of muscle mass. So we need to have a bit more fat, though that’s not the case with me. Many swimmers have a little bit of extra fat though, so that they can deal with the cold and get through what is an exhausting event.

Poliana Okimoto

At least, in this situation, I know my chances of coming back could be slim because of the young talent the Yankees do have.

Johnny Damon

Give me a mystery – just a plain and simple one – a mystery which is diffidence and silence, a slim little bare-foot mystery: give me a mystery – just one!

Yevgeny Yevtushenko

I have tried to make decisions to work with great directors, with good scripts, and that makes the pickings real slim.

Tom Sizemore

I didn’t get fat even when I was pregnant. You have to work very hard at staying slim, and it’s a bore. But it’s worth it.

Mary Quant

I was quite chubby, so when I started dancing professionally I had to work hard to stay slim.

Craig Revel Horwood

Air travel is the safest form of travel aside from walking; even then, the chances of being hit by a public bus at 30,000 feet are remarkably slim. I also have no problem with confined spaces. Or heights. What I am afraid of is speed.

Sloane Crosley

Fat people are so rarely included in visual culture that fat is perceived as a blot on the landscape of sleek and slim.

Susie Orbach

Whenever you’re looking at new ways to get in shape, first you have to decide what you want. Do you want a more muscular look, or do you want to slim down and appear more toned and ripped? I adapt my training and diet with each role I do, depending on the image I want to convey.

Scott Adkins

I know lots of women who have slim legs but refuse to wear skirts because of unsightly varicose or spider veins. Though heredity plays a role, your genes don’t have to doom you to a life of long pants.

Denise Austin

I’m slim for professional reasons, and I work at it. I really want to continue working. There aren’t that many models who are still doing it at 60.

Marie Helvin

I’m well trained. The only reason I am this slim is that I have to fit into the clothes. The samples are size 8, and I am naturally a size 10 to 12. I have been on a diet for my entire life.

Marie Helvin

For most of us, no matter how slim, middle-aged spread really does set in, and your waist thickens, irrespective of whether you’ve had children or if you exercise regularly.

Marie Helvin

I don’t have slim children. I have hearty ones.

Jessica Capshaw

Working your obliques pulls everything together and gives you a slim waist.

Marisa Miller

I have actually been sporty right from my childhood. I was quite chubby in the first eight years of my life. But then I began playing volleyball in school. That did it. I lost all my baby fat and became slim.

Shilpa Shetty

At home I have big vats of cabbage soup that I make to slim down.

Jilly Cooper

I’m lucky that I have a supportive partner who loves me when I’m bigger as well as slim.

Penny Lancaster

I knew the HIV virus was something anyone could get but also believed the chances were very slim… I honestly believed I had a better chance of winning the lottery than contracting this disease. I have never been so wrong in my life.

Tommy Morrison

Throughout the history of America, we have been a nation driven by the idea of the frontier – a place where law was slim and liberty was enormous, where you could make your way in the world based on your own ambition and abilities, not fenced in by the limitations of society.

Ben Domenech

People think that just because you’re an actress, you have to watch your weight and stay slim. While this is true to some extent, fitness is more about health than looking good.

Neha Dhupia

There have been other players of a similar build and stature to myself – slim, if you like – who have come here and shown a physical resilience in the way that I hope to as well.

Angel Di Maria

Of course, we all need angels. I had to have one over my head throughout my life, even right now. The odds of my making it were slim to none. So you have to have an angel. You have to believe.

Michael Oher

I feel like an ‘8 Mile’ Eminem compared to ‘My Name is.’ Whenever my name is brought up, it’s in a ‘Slim Shady’ way, and it’s funny, and I’m lighthearted, but at the same time, every once in a while, I like to take it seriously.

Michael Beasley

I think women were just accepted more as songwriters when they sat on a stool with a guitar and had scruffy hair. It was quite insulting really, because it was like saying that if you’re pretty and slim and glamorous there’s no way anything could be going on between your ears, you just like doing your makeup.

Lisa Stansfield

I am slim but I’ve got a lot of wobble! I wear tight clothes and it holds it all in but genuinely I’m covered in cellulite – that’s why I almost never wear skirts.

Emma Willis

I’m deleting all my editing apps I used to slim myself down and airbrush pics.

Emily Atack

There’s always going to be a part of me that worries about not looking as slim as other actresses.

Kate Winslet

Oh, I listened to a lot of the blues. I love the blues. You know, Slim Harpo, people like that, and Sonny Boy Williamson.


I think you should suffer sometimes to be attractive and beautiful, so I cut the clothes very slim because I like to feel the clothes on my body.

Tom Ford

I taught myself off records, Memphis Slim, them old piano players, then added to it. Yeah, hard and loud, beat it to pieces.

Pinetop Perkins

My father was a dark-skinned brother, but my mother was a very fair-skinned lady. From what I understand, she was Creole; we think her people originally came from New Orleans. She looked almost like a white woman, which meant she could pass – as folks used to say back then. Her hair was jet-black. She was slim and very attractive.

Ice T

Faced with the way the system does you in the ‘hood sometimes, if you don’t literally get out, your chances are slim. You’ll definitely die mentally. You’ll pretty much die physically.

Lupe Fiasco

I love character actors. If I’m switching channels, and something with Slim Pickens is on, or Walter Brennan, I’m stuck. I have to watch it.

Les Claypool

It’s not fair that people who work, save, and pay for their cell phones are forced to fund the Lifeline program that pads the pockets of people like Carlos Slim, the foreign billionaire who has repeatedly been named the World’s Richest Man.

Tim Griffin

My diet is not unorthodox. I just eat like anyone else – that’s just how I am. Everyone is different. It is just my metabolism that keeps me this slim.

Jamie Vardy

I grew up, like – since I had a lot of brothers, I grew up listening to Hot Boys, Goodie Mob, OutKast, basically all the southern albums, like Silkk the Shocker, Master P, Soulja Slim, and then it just elevated on when I started getting into music and I started listening to Nas and Jay Z and stuff like that and Lupe Fiasco and whatnot.

Denzel Curry

A lot of people think that to make it as a model you just need to be pretty and slim, but they’re wrong. There’s a lot of hard work involved. You have to be very focused, know what kind of work you’re aiming for.

Irina Shayk

I am naturally slim, actually thin. So, for years I have been trying to get some curves. I tried eating food that would increase my weight, but I only ended up putting fat around my stomach. So, now I have made peace with my body.

Kangana Ranaut

I’m not saying that I won’t tour again, but the chances are slim because my priorities are different now.

David Cassidy

In 2010, Strikeforce came to Houston, and DC was something like 5-0 or 6-0, and I’d seen him at the expo. I seen him walking around and I seen he had a pink cast on his hand, and I was like, this guy is way too fat… because he looked shorter and fatter. Because back then I was slim, I was like 235. So, I was like, man, I could take this guy.

Derrick Lewis

Acting is like a high wire act. Your margin for error is very slim.

Christine Baranski

I don’t believe in starving myself to be slim, I believe in the concept of being fit. I eat right and work out regularly.

Sanjeeda Sheikh

I am not a slim person, so I regularly exercise to be healthy mentally and physically.

Park Shin-hye

I go to movies with my children and see fat kids burping, parents portrayed as total morons, and kids being mean and materialistic, and I feel it’s really slim pickin’s out there. There’s a little dribble of a moral tacked on, but the story is not about that.

Melissa Mathison

Compared to the big 19th-century novelists, I’ve got a slim volume of work.

Melvyn Bragg

I never do any television without chocolate. That’s my motto and I live by it. Quite often I write the scripts and I make sure there are chocolate scenes. Actually I’m a bit of a chocolate tart and will eat anything. It’s amazing I’m so slim.

Dawn French

I live in L.A., so layers are essential to my wardrobe. I like slim silhouettes, typically, and I love good tailoring.

Michelle Monaghan

An embellished top with slim pants is great, even for a wedding.

Brad Goreski

Babies are born bow-legged in South Dakota. By the age of 12, they can purchase guns. At 14, they can take their driving test. Fortunately, since the geographical area of South Dakota can accommodate both France and Germany, but has a population of only 750,000, the chances of hitting anything are pretty slim.

Clive Sinclair

I like the brand Band of Outsiders. Their suits are cut really slim, for smaller framed gentlemen.

Aziz Ansari

It was definitely a very appealing prospect to be in a company, especially as an art student: we had it hammered into us that the odds of us finding a job, especially fresh out of school, was very slim, and we could expect to work as a bartender for the next three years after we graduate.

Noelle Stevenson

Being a plus-size actress, it is slim pickings, so anytime any role comes up for a plus-size actress, my agents are all over it, and they were like, ‘You have to book this job. It’s ‘American Horror Story.’ It’s a big deal.’ No pressure, right?

Chrissy Metz

I used to be able to slim down just by exercising more, but that’s changed.

Mariah Carey

If you look at me, I’m very tall but I’m not huge or muscular. I tend to be slim and you know, I actually can lose weight quicker than I can gain it.

Venus Williams

I tend to be slim and you know, I actually can lose weight quicker than I can gain it.

Venus Williams

Titanic Thompson and Amarillo Slim would have run from a game with Marty Stanovich. Marty could really play, and he didn’t cheat.

Evel Knievel

It’s a slim margin of error in this league.

Connor McDavid

The chances of me getting into the Hall of Fame as a racer are slim to none. But as an owner I have a chance to do something special, mostly because I learned a lot of secrets from Dale.

Michael Waltrip

I think ‘300 Arguments’ is a real tiny wallop of a book. It looks very slim, and at first, each little two-sentence or one-sentence thing kind of stands on its own, but again, as you read it, you get sucked into the momentum of it, and the whole of it is much larger than the sum of its parts in a really beautiful way.

Raphael Bob-Waksberg

I knew my chances of playing beyond college were extremely slim. You just don’t see too many 5-foot-10 quarterbacks out there.

Matt LaFleur

My career has been very good to me, but really, the odds are really slim. It’s a tough life, and you deal with a lot of rejection and unemployment, and if you’re lucky to have a career, it’s not easy. So you just want to protect your kids from the pain of rejection.

Morena Baccarin

I first came across Langhorne Slim when I saw him play live, and he’s an incredibly infectious performer. The way he works the crowd is mind-blowing. You can listen to his music without really listening to his lyrics, but it pays off if you do.

Johnny Flynn

My favorite part was when my grandfather and I would make a special trip to Firpo’s Bakery for red and green Christmas cookies and fruitcake studded with the sweetest cherries I’ve ever tasted. Usually Firpo’s was too expensive for our slim budget, but Christmas mornings they gave a discount to any children who came in.

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

‘Game of Thrones’ is so unique, and the odds that any of us involved will be in another show like it are very slim, so I’m enjoying the ride.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

In Ghana, most of the women I know do not identify as sexy, and the reason may be cultural. With imported beauty standards from the West, it seems that many African women feel they need to be fair and slim to be beautiful.

Philomena Kwao

The first cellphone I owned was hardly a slim, high-tech device – it was more like a brick with buttons, only with worse reception. If you wanted to use your phone to give someone a message, you were better off throwing it at him and hoping you broke his car window.

W. Bruce Cameron

There are people who you see on screen and think, ‘Wow, that’s a slim person,’ and in the flesh they look nearly dead.

Romola Garai

I am not even trying to become size zero. My problem was that I hated to see myself putting on weight when I could see others around me slim and trim and looking great. It was affecting me mentally.

Tanushree Dutta

Well, we’re on a never-ending quest to slim down. It’s just very difficult for us.

Kyle Gass

I’m drawn to black clothes. I say I’m inspired by the wrestler The Undertaker because there’s something about wearing black that makes me feel confident and classy. It isn’t to try and make me look slim!

Daniel Sturridge

I got extremely fit and slim on ‘Strictly,’ but I did find that, each week, a different part of my body hurt. It really makes you realise the hard work dancers have to put in and how fit they have to be.

Anita Dobson

Within the modeling industry, there’s no doubt that there are some girls out there that are too thin. But there are also girls who are genetically slim and can eat like a horse.

Nigel Barker

For me, it’s all about healthy eating and working out. If I have to look slim for a bikini, then I will eat lots more salad and fruit, which are low in calories and don’t make you look bloated.

Debra Stephenson

In ’84 there was Raheem, Slim Jukebox, and Sir Rap-A-Lot. Those were the first three members of the Geto Boys with DJ Ready Red. By ’85 it was Prince Johnny C, Slim Jukebox, Bushwick Bill, and DJ Ready Red. By ’89 it was Scarface, Willie D, Bushwick Bill, and Ready Red.

Bushwick Bill

It’s extremely difficult to describe interestingly what happens on the pitch. Thousands of journalists write millions of words every week trying to do it, so your chances of avoiding cliche are very slim. And you’re trying to write fiction, not a match report.

Mal Peet

People think if you are a celebrity and if you’re beautiful, or if you’re slim, then life is a bed of roses. Or they think that if you’re wealthy, you don’t have normal relationship problems, because why would anyone reject you?

Kelly Brook

The way Fatboy Slim layers motifs is the same as 18th-century baroque counterpoint. You have an idea, then you have an answer to the idea in another voice, then you have a counter idea accompanying the original idea, and you build up your texture like that. I’m really into Kruder and Dorfmeister at the moment, and they do the same thing.

Charles Hazlewood

I eat tons, three full meals a day, and I never go to the gym. When I was a child, my geography teacher said, ‘You may be slim now but if you carry on eating like that, you’ll end up being really fat.’ Fortunately, I really don’t think I’ve changed much in the past two decades, so that teacher was an idiot.

Gina Bellman

In the beginning, I wanted to work with Slim Duncan. He actually passed away right around when I started making beats.

Murda Beatz

My strengths are my flexibility from all those years of dancing. I have got nice thin arms and slim legs, which both looked really toned and tight after one day of working out.

Hazel Keech

If we are to assume that North Korea becomes a nuclear-power state, of course the danger of having an all-out nuclear war, that possibility is very slim.

Lee Myung-bak

Because I’m short and slim, I can identify with somebody who’s an unlikely fit for something and desperately wants to be part of it.

Daniel Radcliffe

Thousands of people plead guilty to crimes every year in the United States because they know that the odds of a jury’s believing their word over a police officer’s are slim to none.

Michelle Alexander

It’s actually a smarter crime because imagine if you rob a bank, or you’re dealing drugs. If you get caught you’re going to spend a lot of time in custody. But with hacking, it’s much easier to commit the crime and the risk of punishment is slim to none.

Kevin Mitnick

Fresh air and exercise. That’s all you need to stay slim and feel better about life.

Katie Hopkins

If you walk into any magazine store, I guarantee that nine out of 10 covers will feature white, blonde, blue-eyed, slim women because that’s still the ideal of beauty. When a black or Asian figure shows up in a fashion magazine, she’s the exception, not the rule.

Kerry James Marshall

In the back of my mind, I can never forget this could be gone tomorrow – and at this point I think the odds are against me… the chances of succeeding in this business are slim to none; there’s only a handful of people that have long careers. You have to put in the work, you can never be satisfied, never take it for granted.

Zac Efron

I maintain that if there is such a thing as a true and honest environmentalist, it’s people like Slim and hopefully me, who have been caretakers of the land all our lives, along with the generations before us.

Wilford Brimley

In New York, you are competing with Times Square lights and all of that, so you’ve got to be 300 pounds and crazy to get anyone’s attention. Then, you can refine yourself. I always knew under those 300 pounds and tracksuits was a refined, slim, dignified man.

Al Sharpton

The Australian Book of Etiquette is a very slim volume.

Paul Theroux

I definitely feel pressure to keep slim. I don’t want to be the guy who lost weight and gained it all back. But it’s hard. Sometimes I’ll gorge and gain nine pounds in a weekend somehow, and I get bummed about it.

Jimmy Kimmel

The chances of a person breaking through their own habits and sloth and limited mind to actually write something that gets out there and matters to people are slim.

George Saunders

When I got to Central Arkansas, I was a small, slim guy with little chance of playing in the NBA. Then, I went through a two-year growth spurt, and suddenly, I was 6-foot-7.

Scottie Pippen

Models now need to promote themselves, think like businesswomen and diversify their careers by doing other things. Chances are very slim that a mere model will become a household name today.

Tyra Banks

Criminals look at identity theft and say only 1 in 700 criminals gets convicted of it. And they look at check forgery and they know that for every 1,400 forgers arrested, only about 123 get convicted and about 26 go to jail. So the rewards are great, but the risks are very slim. So that’s one of the reasons that make it very popular.

Frank Abagnale

Flannery O’Connor’s brief life and slim output were nonetheless marked by piercing powers of observation.

Floyd Skloot

I’d love there to be more larger models, but it’s just not going to happen. Designers love to design for slim girls.


For a slim, sexy body, it’s important to eat protein every day – preferably at every meal. Be sure to ask about the origins of your meat, poultry and seafood. If you can’t afford organic, free-range meats, opt for natural poultry, pork, and beef that’s raised without antibiotics or hormones.

Suzanne Somers

To successfully lose weight after 40, you need to understand that imbalanced hormones and chemicals have a huge impact on your health. It is possible, however, to live a clean, healthy, and long life – with a slim body, even after 40!

Suzanne Somers

Your liver is your vital detoxification organ, and if it becomes overloaded with toxins from the food, drink, or medications you’re consuming, you’ll have more toxins circulating throughout your body, damaging your organs and glands. Detoxing your liver will help it work more efficiently – and help you slim your waistline.

Suzanne Somers

What is slim?

Slender, as in girth or shape; slight in construction or structure is called slim.