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I want to do films and have my name mentioned next to Wes Anderson and Quentin Tarantino. I don’t want my name mentioned next to other rappers at all.

Tyler, The Creator

I met two of my movie heroes. I met Tom Hanks, and I met Steven Spielberg. Oh and Quentin Tarantino.

Tom Holland

Quentin Tarantino doesn’t beat Hal Ashby, and he’s one of my favorite directors. Quentin is incredible.

David Carradine

I’ll tell you, Quentin Tarantino really writes the most amazing dialogue.

Christopher Walken

I love Quentin Tarantino; I love Harmony Korine, Larry Clarke.


I’m such a horror geek, comic geek and action figure geek. I’m inspired by so much – from Hunter S. Thompson and Quentin Tarantino to ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Halloween’. Just show me something that doesn’t suck, and I’m happy.

Corey Taylor

In a weird way, I never wanted – I don’t consider myself a very good writer. I consider myself okay; I don’t consider myself great. There’s Woody Allen and Aaron Sorkin. There’s Quentin Tarantino. I’m not ever gonna be on that level. But I do consider myself a good filmmaker.

Sam Esmail

Quentin Tarantino is controlled insanity, I would say. He’s very loud and fun. I don’t think there’s anybody on the planet like him that I have ever met.

Rose McGowan

I am a huge fan of Quentin Tarantino, who takes time to figure out what his next movie is.

Jordan Peele

There’s no one out there like Quentin Tarantino. His films have a signature look, and they never just stick to the same kind of story.

Saoirse Ronan

I would love to work with Quentin Tarantino – he’s my number one. My ultimate. I would love to work with Paul Thomas Anderson, Alexander Payne – Pedro Almodovar wouldn’t be too shabby. There are so many good directors, but those are some of my favorites.

Kirsten Dunst

Quentin Tarantino is a hip-hop artist. I told him, ‘You’re hip-hop!’ You keep seeing surprises, and a clip here and there, because Quentin is hip-hop. A hip-hop artist will drop a single, leak something over here, and drop something over there ’cause he knows it’s hot. He’s on the spot with the way he does things.

Jamie Foxx

With ‘Django Unchained,’ when you’re dealing with slavery, it’s like a gymnastics routine with the highest amount of difficulty. Quentin Tarantino is not going to do a movie that’s just going to lay there and be safe. There’s going to be twists and flips.

Jamie Foxx

Many people have vied to become the third Weinstein brother, and I’m not sure why, but that distinction only goes to one person – Quentin Tarantino.

Bob Weinstein

The thing that interested me, there are so many filmmakers I admire – like David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino – they have these themes where there’s not much going on, but they were suspenseful.

Bobcat Goldthwait

In the early ’90s, when those little art films started coming out, we were introduced to Quentin Tarantino and guys like that, and independent cinema was something that everyone wanted to be a part of.

Ron Perlman

Quentin Tarantino and Sam Jackson are the reasons I’m an actor.

Ato Essandoh

Quentin Tarantino is my 15-year-old son’s favorite director, and by that I mean no condescension to either Tarantino or my 15-year-old son.

Steve Erickson

I’ve featured in some soundtracks in the past, and I would love to do more. I love great soundtracks to movies. Quentin Tarantino always picks amazing soundtracks, so I would like to do something for him or write a song for him.

Eliza Doolittle

I’ve grown to love it, but I’m not like a lot of other people who were always crazy horror fans like Eli Roth or Quentin Tarantino.

Jason Blum

I’ve met a lot of people since I was around four years old, some really big ones along the way, and I don’t think I’ve met anyone who’s as generous of spirit as Quentin Tarantino.

Larry Bishop

Quentin Tarantino asked me to work with him but there is no way I am going to do that while Matthew Vaughn is working in film.

Claudia Schiffer

In the way in which we are living in a much more explosive and more tension-filled society, a society that is driven with more and more contradictions, it is but unavoidable that some of this will also come into cinema. I would, in fact, argue that a part of it is borrowed from Hollywood. It’s as if Quentin Tarantino has come to Mumbai.

Amitava Kumar

As a movie fan, I remember Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender and the sort of energy around ‘Reservoir Dogs,’ and the jump from ‘Reservoir Dogs’ to ‘Pulp Fiction,’ and how everybody was stoked on Quentin’s career.

Oneohtrix Point Never

I’d really love to work with Quentin Tarantino. There’s so many people that I’d love to work with, but there’s something about Quentin, and one of my all-time favorite films is ‘Kill Bill.’ Something along those lines would be such a blast.

Maika Monroe

I think the best black screenwriter is Quentin Tarantino.

Neal Brennan

I think that no matter whether you’re Quentin Tarantino or any other kind of a rebel, or whatever, everyone who makes movies still wants to win an Academy Award, because it’s like the Pulitzer Prize or the Congressional Medal of Honor.

Robert Osborne

The thing is, making movies as an actress, you learn so many things. Like when you’re making a movie with Quentin Tarantino you’re just at the best cinema school ever.

Melanie Laurent

Sit down at your computer or open your nearest mobile device and Google these words: ‘Directed by.’ What’s the first predictive text that comes up? Martin Scorsese? Quentin Tarantino? Ingmar Bergman? Chances are the first name Google suggested was Robert B. Weide. That’s me. Sort of.

Robert B. Weide

A script arrived, and on the front cover – scrawled really big, as if it were a book report – is ‘Django Unchained, written by Quentin Tarantino.’ And I thought, ‘Well, no art department came up with this; this is Quentin’s writing.’

Dennis Christopher

Then all of a sudden, Quentin Tarantino comes along and puts a song from 40 years ago in one of his films and they’ve suddenly discovered you. That was a real gift that Quentin gave me.

Nancy Sinatra

I’m not as successful as Pixar or Dreamworks, and that is disappointing to me, because I think my films are as valid as a Pixar film. I think there’s an audience for my films. I know there’s a market for someone like Quentin Tarantino, who basically does adult cartoons in live action.

Bill Plympton

I didn’t grow up like Quentin Tarantino, watching esoteric art films at the video store. I’d go to the multiplex and see big, mainstream movies, and I’d go, ‘I want to make one of those one day.’

Doug Liman

I really want to work in a movie with Quentin Tarantino. I think he makes fantastic movies. I love people that create a different reality for the actors to live in.

Daniella Alonso

Quentin Tarantino is a genius. I want to do every single film with him.

Vanessa Ferlito

Quentin Tarantino was fantastic. I mean, he can be almost unbearable as a person. At a party, you can’t get a word in edgewise for, like, an hour. But as a director, he is so completely open and just… present.

Phil LaMarr

If I could meet Quentin Tarantino, I don’t know if I’d just ask him one question. I’d probably milk it into, like, 500 questions.

Madison Davenport

I adore Quentin Tarantino. The ‘Kill Bill’ series is my favorite.

Madison Davenport

I like the way Quentin Tarantino creates a scene using a series of close-ups or showing very cool images of a person or people walking on some ordinary street in slow motion. I wish I could achieve that kind of slow-motion effect in manga, but it’s rather difficult to draw; the only things we can play with are tones of black and white.

Masashi Kishimoto

My relationship with Christian Slater is like him and Marisa Tomei in ‘Untamed Heart.’ ‘True Romance’ was right when I was beginning to become a fan boy of movies. People forget that he’s worked with some of the biggest directors in Hollywood. He’s worked with Francis Ford Coppola, Quentin Tarantino, John Woo.

Bret Harrison

I remember when I took Quentin Tarantino with me to a very private screening of the documentary ‘Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired,’ which shows some of the legal irregularities of his case. I was involved by the film, and it was an amazing experience to see people weep at the end of it.

Harvey Weinstein

My dream role would be to play a femme fatale in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Meaghan Rath

I enjoy the TV series ‘Dexter,’ where there’s a reason for every kill. Quentin Tarantino is a favourite, and a ‘Kill Bill’ action-packed movie would be up my street. I’d love to be India’s first scream queen!

Bipasha Basu

I remember watching Quentin Tarantino accept an Academy Award for screenwriting for ‘Pulp Fiction.’ If I’d known then that 15 years later one of his movies would again be nominated for an Oscar and I’d be in it – that would be pretty crazy.

Paul Rust

With Quentin Tarantino, he makes movies imagining himself as the audience. To be specific and true to what he wants resonates to people who like his movies.

Paul Rust

I’ve noticed, as a comedy fan, that I really like Paul Thomas Anderson or Quentin Tarantino because when they’re funny, they’re actually funny. It’s not like when other dramatic writers have comedy, and I’m just like, ‘Well, that’s not funny. Why are you even trying to make a joke here?’

Paul Rust

I love movies where you can tell who’s directed it even before the credits roll in, like Wes Anderson or Quentin Tarantino. People who make very stylized types of film.


Who is Quentin Tarantino?

Quentin Jerome Tarantino (born 27 March 1963) is an American director and producer. His films are characterized by non-linear storylines, aestheticization of violence, extended dialog scenes, ensemble casts, references to popular culture and a wide variety of other films, soundtracks primarily containing songs and scores from the 1960s to the 1980s, alternating history and neo-noir features.