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Modern, Funny, Famous, Movies Quotes About Life

Movie, also known as film or movie, is a visual art form which uses captured, or programmed moving images, as well as sound (and rarely) other sensory stimulus to simulate experiences, which transmit ideas, stories, perceptuals, feelings, beauty or atmospheres. The word 'cinema' is also used for filmmaking and film industry, and for the type of art arising from filmmaking. Modern, Funny, Famous, Movies Quotes Abuut Life, up coming Movies in 2020.

Movies Quotes:

I don’t storyboard. I guess it dates back to my days in live television, where there was no possibility of storyboarding and everything was shot right on the spot – on the air, as we say – at the moment we were transmitting. I prefer to be open to what the actors do, how they interact to the given situation.

Arthur Penn

‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ is one of the greatest films of all time.

Laura Dern

Movies are something people see all over the world because there is a certain need for it.

Wim Wenders

So I like to try to go back and develop pure visual storytelling. Because to me, it’s one of the most exciting aspects of making movies and almost a lost art at this point.

Brian De Palma

And I always had this idea for making a movie about a femme fatale, because I like these characters. They’re a lot of fun, they’re sexy, they’re manipulative, they’re dangerous.

Brian De Palma

And in movies you must be a gambler. To produce films is to gamble.

Douglas Sirk

You read a script and its based on ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and ‘Pulp Fiction’, and it goes right in the bin.

Tim Roth

Hitchcock had a charm about him. He was very funny at times. He was incredibly brilliant in his field of suspense.

Tippi Hedren

Acting is not about being famous, it’s about exploring the human soul.

Annette Bening

Sometimes in movies, I still have to be the hero, but it’s not all that important to me anymore.

Dennis Quaid

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I made mistakes in drama. I thought drama was when actors cried. But drama is when the audience cries.

Frank Capra

I make movies I want to see.

Neil LaBute

I didn’t have any ambition to produce big mainstream popcorn movies.

Jodie Foster

If you don’t like my movies, don’t watch them.

Dario Argento

Filmmaking is a completely imperfect art form that takes years and, over those years, the movie tells you what it is. Mistakes happen, accidents happen and true great films are the results of those mistakes and the decisions that those directors make during those moments.

Jason Reitman

Well, the wonderful thing about making movies, oddly enough, is that they’re sort of highly motivated graduate studies in one or another field.

Sydney Pollack

Every single art form is involved in film, in a way.

Sydney Pollack

When you make a film you usually make a film about an idea.

Sydney Pollack

I think you kind of hope for people to gush over movies, but I think the opposite way is great sometimes, too. I’d rather have a movie that you’re angry about and that you’re talking about the next day, than something you forget about when the popcorn goes into the trash.

Gabriel Mann

I do believe that movies are subject to a million interpretations.

Oliver Stone

There’s an electrical thing about movies.

Oliver Stone

Horror movies are the best date movies. There’s no wondering, ‘When do I put my arm around her?’

Eli Roth

Movies are not scripts – movies are films; they’re not books, they’re not the theatre.

Nicolas Roeg

I always loved silent movies. I was not a specialist, but I loved them. And when I started directing, I became really fascinated by the format – how it works, the device of the silent movie. It’s not the same form of expression as a talkie. The lack of sounds makes you participate in the storytelling.

Michel Hazanavicius

Movies are an art form that is very available to the masses.

Richard King

I don’t think you should feel about a film. You should feel about a woman, not a movie. You can’t kiss a movie.

Jean-Luc Godard

A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order.

Jean-Luc Godard

Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.

Martin Scorsese

I am a cynical optimist. Big opening weekends are like cotton candy. The films you will remember over time are the films that stick in the consciousness of the audience in a good way.

Robert Redford
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