Mom Quotes On Life, Strength, Love, Flowers, Son, Daughter

Mom Quotes On Life, Strength, Love, Flowers, Son, Daughter

Mom Quotes On Life, Strength, Love, Flowers, Son, Daughter

Mom Quotes:

My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it.

Mark Twain

I always wanted to be a world champion, all my life. At 13, I told my mom I would be a world champion.

Adrien Broner

My mom and my dad wanted my brother and I to have a better life, you know, better education, better jobs. It was probably harder, much, much harder, for my parents. When you’re a kid, you can learn a language much more easily; I learned English in less than a year.

Mila Kunis

I sometimes think about the life that my daughter will have with no mom. What does it mean to have a ghost mom? Not that I can do anything differently about it. But it’s an inferior version of what we had planned, you know? This was not our top choice.

Phil Elverum

I just go about my life. I’m a mom, I drive an SUV, I go to the grocery store every day. I’m definitely not a celebrity. I always say that I’m a celebrity-adjacent.

Diablo Cody

Fact: The new ‘90210’ is cooler than the old ‘90210.’ It’s the lithe, streamlined Skipper to the elder series’ venerable Barbie. Gone are the traditional parents – they’ve been replaced by a hipster mom n’ pop who get busted necking in the car.

Diablo Cody

Mom’ is my third film with my wife and there’s a definite comfort level.

Boney Kapoor

We shot ‘Tevar’ in Mathura and Agra, ‘Mom’ was shot in Noida and Greater Noida.

Boney Kapoor

I am extremely happy and thrilled about ‘Mom’ releasing in China.

Boney Kapoor

I feel ‘Mom’ is not just a successful film but a satisfying one.

Boney Kapoor

I know that I’m getting the real deal with my mom. I know that she’s telling it like it is. She’s proud of me when I’ve earned it and she’s disappointed in me when I’ve earn that. She’s really my spectrum on where I am as a person.

Lara Flynn Boyle

I had such a great mom and I know that I’d never be that mom. I wouldn’t want to bring a child into this world unless I could be.

Lara Flynn Boyle

I know the fans are very personable with my mom and things like that. They make little collages and pictures. They make edits of me and my mom together.

Christina Grimmie

My mom was heavily in the arts; my entire family, they’re all musicians and draw. They have much more artistic talent than me!

Kendrick Sampson

My mom was a freethinking artist – she was wild and would do anything to get a laugh from me. She’d go in reverse through a drive-through so I could order from the window: ‘Hi, can I get a milk shake?’

Tig Notaro

I never really consider myself an awkward person, but once I got into stand-up, I kept hearing that word. The only thing I can trace it back to is that my mom had a similar sensibility. She always made people uncomfortable.

Tig Notaro

I love all my fam. I have quite possibly the best dad, mom, and sister in the world.

Ryan Eggold

My mom sees her sons as baby boys. Well, I stopped being her baby boy a long time ago.

Bryant Gumbel

As far as children out there that hate their moms and dads, just get over it, because you get one dad and one mom. You know, suck it up. Learn something.


All of the reality TV I’ve done has usually been simultaneously an opportunity to create awareness or raise funds for my mom’s breast cancer organization.

Stephen Baldwin

I’ve always competed in those shows. Like, I won ‘Fear Factor’, I did ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’, I did ‘The Mole’, ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ with Donald Trump. I’ve done a lot of those shows, all in the hope of being a blessing to my mom’s organization.

Stephen Baldwin

I didn’t grow up with a lot of money, so my mom didn’t have random money to buy me a car, and I didn’t have money to have a car unless I worked, so I didn’t get a car until I got my first job at 18.

Dominick Cruz

My mom was always very, very careful with my mind: what I saw and didn’t see.

Dominick Cruz

Technology moves so fast and social media moves so fast because everyone wants the new thing, but also, everyone wants to be where their parents are not. Once the mom got a Facebook and a Twitter and an Instagram, I don’t want to be there anymore.

Ansel Elgort

My dad photographed a lot of beautiful dancers. My mom was a dancer.

Ansel Elgort

My mom is very romantic. As is my dad. They appreciate real romance.

Ansel Elgort

I grew up in Bushwick, and I lived with my mom. She was a single parent with three kids. I’ve got an older brother and a younger sister. We all were pretty active kids, but school wasn’t particularly our strong suit; we were always good at other things.

Anthony Ramos

I come back to Vegas pretty regularly. Quick visits, and I usually just kind of lay low, see my mom, and then get out of there. But every now and then, I’m able to kind of come for extended stays and see some people.

Baron Vaughn

I’m a mom. I’m from Ethiopia. I gave birth in the U.S. and had all the proper care available to me. If I had given birth in Ethiopia – I don’t know if I might have even survived it.

Liya Kebede

A small gold plain cross was passed down from my grandma to my mom, then to me, and now to my daughter. It is always nice to own something that connects you to the women who made it possible for you to exist.

Liya Kebede

The most inspiring piece of advice I’ve gotten is simply to persevere. My mom taught me to always keep going no matter what from an early age. When it feels too difficult to push forward, I always remind myself, ‘This too shall pass,’ and then I redouble my efforts.

Liya Kebede

I got people to take care of: my mom, my dad, my grandma, my aunties.

Lil Pump

I have been a pampered boy, the youngest in the family with two elder sisters. I have always had someone around me, usually my mom, to take care of everything for me.

Siddharth Shukla

You don’t realize how hard it is to live on your own. But there’s no mom to do your laundry, and make you dinner and to do things for you, and you don’t think about little things like buying paper towels and salt.

Emma Roberts

I grew up with just my mom. She and I were like best friends. She’s a very independent woman and I admire that about her. In my life, I’ve tried to be like that. To be okay with being on my own and being independent.

Emma Roberts

My mom’s really into astrology and she’s always telling me about the moon cycles and stuff like that.


My mom had been a script supervisor in Hungary, but you can’t just jump into that in Canada without knowing any English. She worked retail jobs and raised my sister and me while learning English.

Petra Collins

My mom cooks traditional Albanian food for every holiday. She’s an amazing cook.

Ava Max

The night I won my first Late Model race was the night my mom moved everything out of the house… There was a lot of situations like that.

Kevin Harvick

I had two parents who were doctors, and my mom was valedictorian in multiple classes.

John T. Chambers

I like to believe that I got my business knowledge from my dad. He was able to see trends a long way off. And my mom is very good with people and emotional.

John T. Chambers

I love my mom so much, and I always have, but I was definitely a monster to her a lot during my teen years.

Dove Cameron

I’m a nice, happily married wife and mom and I live in Connecticut.

Christine Baranski

At home, my mom and my dad shared equally in the responsibilities of the family and our home and always demonstrated the importance of men and women having an equal role.

Alex Morgan

I rarely felt or noticed any real divide between girls and boys when I was growing up. Maybe it was because I was so involved in sports and competed with the boys. Maybe it was my mom and dad, who constantly instilled confidence in me and never made me feel as though there were boy activities and girl activities.

Alex Morgan

My mom is in her mid-60s and has more energy and is more youthful than any human being I know. It’s pretty incredible.

Oliver Hudson

I grew up with the Highwaymen, which was Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Kris Kristofferson. Mom and Dad rode rodeo, so country music was always in the house and the car. They threw in some Dolly Parton, too.

Christian Kane

My mom’s always been a good cook, so I took a lot of stuff from her, but most of the stuff I took from Emeril or Bobby Flay right off the TV and make it. I just loved to cook, so it just became a thing. It’s a release. Even if I’m alone, I’ll cook a full meal, maybe even a two-course meal, just because I love to cook. It’s my secret love!

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