Mind-Blowing Quotes On Friendship, Love, Attitude, Life, Success, God

Mind-Blowing Quotes On Friendship, Love, Attitude, Life, Success, God, Time

Mind-Blowing Quotes On Friendship, Love, Attitude, Life, Success, God, Time

For me, being with Obama or having dinner with Bill Clinton… it’s crazy. It’s mind-blowing, because where I come from is just another world. We were just ignored by politicians – by America in general.


It was mind-blowing. It was a small place with 2,000 standing-up tickets. It’s great to have your band back and working and playing again, people have been so generous.

Andy Taylor

My problem is I live with only women – be it my mother, wife, daughters, cook, and nurse – who are all drama queens, ranging from the age of 8 to 75, all wanting a slice of me. But it’s mind-blowing to have these women in my life.

Prakash Raj

I loved all the other movies, and I loved all the other movie stars, but I was very aware of the fact that I didn’t look like Marilyn Monroe – although I still wanted to be Marilyn Monroe. Then Josephine Baker popped up, and she wasn’t the maid – she was the star of the show. To me, it was mind-blowing.

Cush Jumbo

Neuroscience over the next 50 years is going to introduce things that are mind-blowing.

David Eagleman

India is special, and its beauty absolutely humbled us. When we toured there as Major Lazer, it was mind-blowing to see our fan-base.


I’ve loved Leia and Han since I was seven years old. Getting a chance to tell some of their adventures? Mind-blowing on every level. I wish I could go back in time and high-five my baby self.

Claudia Gray

People pitch me the crazy mystery mind-blowing thing all the time. My response is, ‘Great, but how do the characters feel about it, and how do we reveal new facets and new dimensions of who they are?’

Eric Kripke

I worked with James Orange and Hosea Williams as a teenager, and he’s portrayed in the movie by Wendell Pierce. So, for me to be able to come in, 20 years after working with them as a teenager, and to portray Reverend James Orange in ‘Selma’ is mind-blowing.

Omar Dorsey

I literally came to L.A. like every actor does from this little town with this big dream, and I’m living in it now. It’s mind-blowing.

Tracy Spiridakos

I saw Roland Barthes’s ‘Mourning Diary’ at a bookshop, and I felt it was like I was destined to see the book. I read it all in one go while I was in the shop. The book was mind-blowing.

Go Ah-sung

I’m getting offered roles that aren’t designed for aboriginal people; they’re designed for anybody. It’s pretty surreal and mind-blowing.

Bronson Pelletier

To go from a small wrestling dojo to the Performance Center was just mind-blowing. The sheer scale – I didn’t think anything like that could possibly exist.

Finn Balor

In general in New York, we all eat like kings. Insane quality, mind-blowing variety, at all price ranges.

Ira Glass

When I moved to Orlando, it was my first time moving from Cleveland. You never know what to expect. But to be able to go and work with Shawn Michaels and learn from him – it’s just mind-blowing.

Johnny Gargano

IHeartRadio was a mind-blowing experience. We’re just this little band in England, and we played in between Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj. It was incredible and surreal.

Dan Smith

‘Toy Story’ really felt like just a bunch of guys working in their garage for fun. When it came out and people liked it, it was mind-blowing.

Pete Docter

My whole career from the early 70s on has been mind-blowing. I didn’t imagine in my life that I would ever be considered a guitar player first of all because I started off as a singer.

George Benson

I got an invitation to speak in the European parliament and I met Ban Ki-moon, the secretary-general of the U.N. I took those opportunities to talk about what I thought was right. That those people, who are more important and powerful than I am, think I’m relevant enough to give a speech is mind-blowing.

Conchita Wurst
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