Mercy Quotes On Goodreads, Merchant Of Venice

Mercy Quotes On Goodreads, Merchant Of Venice

Mercy Quotes On Goodreads, Merchant Of Venice

Mercy Quotes:

It is mercy, not justice or courage or even heroism, that alone can defeat evil.

Peter Kreeft

Mercy did not exist in the primordial life. It was misunderstood for fear, and such misunderstandings made for death.     

Jack London

Mercy, detached from Justice, grows unmerciful.     

C.S. Lewis

The most merciful thing in the world, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.

H. P. Lovecraft

The more merciful acts thou dost, the more mercy thou wilt receive.

William Penn

Mercy but murders, pardoning those that kill.

William Shakespeare

Sweet mercy is nobility’s true badge.

William Shakespeare

Consequently, most of us really exist at the mercy of other people’s formulations of what’s important.     

June Jordan

Sometimes due to God’s mercy, the time in God’s plan can be stretched or extended

Sunday Adelaja

I never ask for mercy and seek no one’s sympathy.

Conrad Black

Justice is for those who deserve it, mercy is for those who don’t.

Woodrow Kroll

I want to put myself absolutely at your mercy for good or evil without any condition, without any limit to your power.

Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch

Who will not mercy unto others show. How can he mercy ever hope to have?

Edmund Spenser

Mercy should make us ashamed, wrath afraid to sin.

William Gurnall

Mercy, that is the gospel. The whole of it in one word.

E. H. Chapin

I have always found that mercy bears richer fruits than strict justice.

Meir Kahan

Pity would be no more, if we did not make somebody poor. And Mercy no more could be. If all were as happy as we.     

William Blake

Mercy allows you to continue on in sin, grace empowers you to overcome it.     

Jacquelyn K. Heasley

Where mercy is shown, mercy is given.

Duane “Dog” Chapman

Mercy will get you killed, but sometimes it’s all that makes us human.

Laurell K. Hamilton

Unless you learn to lead, you will always be at the mercy of someone else to guide you.

Jeffrey Fry

Whoever feels mercy for the cruel is bound to eventually be cruel to the merciful.

Moshe Kahlon

The unmerciful man is most certainly an unblessed man. His sympathies are all dried up, he is afflicted with a chronic jaundice, and lives timidly and darkly in a little, narrow rat-hole of distrust.

E. H. Chapin

Mercy is the stuff you give to people that don’t deserve it.

Joyce Meyer

We shall show mercy, but we shall not ask for it.

Winston Churchill

Spare me through your mercy, do not punish me through your justice.

Anselm of Canterbury

Mercy is what moves us toward God, while justice makes us tremble in his sight.

Pope Benedict XVI

A little bit of mercy makes the world less cold and more just.

Pope Francis

Children are innocent and love justice, while most adults are wicked and prefer mercy.

G. K. Chesterton

Churchill knew the importance of peace, and he also knew the price of it. Churchill finally got his voice, of course. He stressed strategy, but it was his voice that armed England at last with the old-fashioned moral concepts of honor and duty, justice and mercy.

Suzanne Fields

Writing checks for charities is necessary and important. But it can’t compare with corporal works of mercy, which are infinitely greater.

William E. Simon

Oh, mercy, I think we’re all storytellers, you know. You think of the excuses you told your parents for why you got home late. I just never gave it up.

Utah Phillips

I can’t afford to step away from acting, but the one thing I’ve learnt after all these years is that I don’t fit in. It’s very difficult to be at the mercy of other people’s whims and visions.

Paddy Considine

‘Rosemary’s Baby’ is still one of my favorite movies of all time. The idea of her being impregnated with the devil is just so frightening. I’m actually going to work on a movie in February, called ‘Mercy,’ from Jason Blum, who produced the ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies, and there is a similar theme to ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ in the movie.

Dylan McDermott

I know what it’s like when you are a refugee, living on the mercy of others and having to adjust.

Martti Ahtisaari

What if we strove for compassion, for mercy, for forgiveness? And what if we did this for everybody, including people who have harmed others?

James Forman, Jr.

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The Lord receive my soul, and have mercy on me, and bless this kingdom with peace and charity, that there may not be this effusion of Christian blood amongst them.

William Laud

And for yourself, whatever there has been either of sin or duty, remember the one and forget the other, and betake yourself wholly to the mercy of God and the merit of Christ.

Donald Cargill

We have to believe in the mercy and grace of God to trigger conversion rather than the other way around: that you’re only going to get the mercy if you have a conversion. The economy of salvation doesn’t work that way.

Blase J. Cupich

Embarking upon war is always dangerous for national leaders because it makes them more than ever at the mercy of events. When domestic opinion is acutely divided, however, war can be politically lethal for its makers.

Linda Colley

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I did about a 100 concerts this year. All over the United States. We’re cutting back next year to about 40. We generate money for an organization called Mercy Corps.

Barry McGuire

When having my portrait painted I don’t want justice, I want mercy.

Billy Hughes

In film, you’re so much in the hands and at the mercy of the editor, so sometimes it’s good to watch it just to see how it turns out – it can be so different than how you imagined it. But sometimes it’s better to just let it go for your own sense of self worth.

Finn Wittrock

In this industry, you have to have passion. It’s tough; there’s no mercy. But I just love cars – I love to bring a new car to market. And every time I do this, it gets a little easier.

Henrik Fisker

This is the spirit of the Order, indeed the true spirit of Mercy flowing on us.

Catherine McAuley

I never ask for mercy and seek no one’s sympathy.

Conrad Black

 There is no mercy in a system that makes health care a luxury. There is no mercy in a country that turns their back on those most in need of protection: the elderly, the poor, the sick, and the suffering.

Joe Kennedy III

The things that interest me are less to do with perhaps finding myself and more to do with surviving and mercy and forgiveness.

John Cameron Mitchell

Pray God in the bowels of his mercy to send you his Holy Spirit; for he hath given you his great gift of utterance, if it pleased him also to open the eyes of your heart.

Jane Grey

Pray God in the bowels of his mercy to send you his Holy Spirit; for he hath given you his great gift of utterance, if it pleased him also to open the eyes of your heart.

Jane Grey

Christ receives people; because of that mercy, conversion happens.

Blase J. Cupich

We need to break our dependency on foreign sources of oil, which leaves us at the mercy of foreign powers. To do that, we should increase domestic energy production.

Bobby Jindal

When you’re working for yourself and your own obsession with finding the truth, you’re at your own mercy.

Errol Morris

Everything is harder when you are a Nordestino. You have to work harder than anybody else because people will be judging you with much less mercy than the other players.


As a model, I am at the mercy of everybody else. It’s much more of a situation where I go to work, put the clothes on, get in front of the camera, and then go home. But in that process, I never really have control over any of it.

Karen Elson

When you’re tied to one show, you are very much at the mercy of the writers, so you can suddenly get a script where you have a heart attack and die.

Alan Dale

It’s a very bleak play, but there is some final sense of redemption. ‘Coriolanus’ shows mercy, a Christian virtue in an otherwise un-Christian world.

David Farr

I don’t think I’ll ever stop writing. I write almost every day. I’d write plays even if they were never done again. You’re at the mercy of whatever talent you have.

Horton Foote

Onstage I’m the one in control – I’m not at the mercy of how an editor chooses to put the scene together later. I can do things onstage that I would never do in real life. It’s very freeing.

Laurie Metcalf

Folklore has a moral center to it. Folklore is always, always, always on the side of the underdog, and children have a natural instinct towards justice. They feel indignation at needless cruelty and wistfulness about acts of mercy and kindness.

Laura Amy Schlitz

A good education is that which prepares us for our future sphere of action and makes us contented with that situation in life in which God, in his infinite mercy, has seen fit to place us, to be perfectly resigned to our lot in life, whatever it may be.

Ann Plato

The stage gives you more control over your own work; in television, there’s a distressing amount of communal writing. Unless it’s your show, you have no control over that. You’re at the mercy of whoever’s running the show.

Theresa Rebeck

Once you start cycling, the city opens up for you. No longer are you fighting it, hot and frustrated; no longer are you at the mercy of bus drivers, roadworks, decisions made by others and over which you have no control. Believe me, once you’ve tasted this freedom, you’re hooked.

Deborah Moggach

The state of childhood resonates with life inside a fantasy novel. If you have no control over how you spend large chunks of your day, or are at the mercy of flawed giant beings, then the desire to bend the laws of the world by magic is strong and deep.

David Mitchell

Our album ‘Show No Mercy’ came out in late ’83, and we did three or four shows in San Francisco after the release. That was our first experience with stage-divers, crowd-surfing, people walking on people across an entire crowd.

Tom Araya

It is my conviction that becoming economically and socially vulnerable puts you at the mercy of people surrounding you. It is as if you no longer exist as a human being and are no longer worthy of respect.

Rula Ghani

I was at the mercy of somebody else to just give me a job in the years after ‘Boy Meets World’ ended, whereas if I had gone to college and had when a Plan B, and it was something else that I loved, I could’ve walked away at any point.

Danielle Fishel

I loved ‘WWF No Mercy’ for the Nintendo 64. One of my favorites games was ‘WCW Thunder.’ I loved playing that game, and I loved being The Steiner Brothers. They were so cool, and they were some of the most powerful characters.


Gun bans disarm victims, putting them at the mercy of murderers or terrorists who think nothing of breaking the gun laws.

Michael Badnarik

Nothing but a miracle of sovereign mercy could have arrested and saved me from eternal perdition. How I could have so long resisted the entreaties, the prayers, and the tears of my dear parents, and the influences of the Holy Spirit, is, to me, a wonder entirely incomprehensible.

Elijah Parish Lovejoy

The idea that God’s mercy is connected to whether or not I shave is ludicrous, and I need to just trust myself, and that, you know, if I’m deserving of God’s mercy, I’ll get it, regardless of, you know, my beard.


Is he not a God that showeth mercy and keepeth covenant? Of all sins, it seems to me that the sin of unbelief is the most dishonouring to God.

Elijah Parish Lovejoy

If you’re an actor, you’re at the mercy of a script. You’ve got far more control if you’re the photographer.

Kathryn Prescott

Adolescence, that swampy zone between safety and power, is best patrolled by adults armed with sense and mercy, not guns and a badge.

Nancy Gibbs

Writers do not want to think they are less rational than other people, and at the mercy of compulsions, but in their hearts they know they are like those people who are taken for walks by their dogs, towed through hedges and ditches by an untrained sub-human energy.

Hilary Mantel

I think actors are at the mercy of the opportunities presented to them. So you kind of have to wait for them to choose you. My music is insular – I can choose that.

Dwight Yoakam

The risk of relying on a handful of customers is not just financial. Your product also is at risk when you’re at the mercy of a few big spenders. When any one customer pays you significantly more than the others, your product inevitably ends up catering mostly to that customer’s specific needs.

Jason Fried

I loved ‘WWF No Mercy’ for the Nintendo 64. One of my favorites games was ‘WCW Thunder.’ I loved playing that game, and I loved being The Steiner Brothers. They were so cool, and they were some of the most powerful characters.


The angel of mercy, the child of love, together had flown to the realms above.

Fanny Crosby

Good fiction makes me turn off all the other parts of my brain, so that I become quiet and submissive, entirely at the mercy of the work at hand.

Gary Shteyngart

O Lord have mercy on me, to God I commend my soul.

Anne Boleyn

May God in his mercy enable us without obstinacy to perceive our errors.

Michael Servetus

When I first met my girlfriend, Mercy Malick, she asked me if there was anything I should tell her that could put her off me if she found out later. So I told her that I was a total ‘Star Wars’ geek and had boxes of ‘Star Wars’ toys in storage.

Joseph Gatt

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A Protestant has seldom any mercy shown him, and a Jew, who turns Christian, is far from being secure.

John Foxe

We’re trying to evolve a lot away from YouTube because YouTube is awesome – they have a huge audience, and we started there – but then you’re at the mercy of their algorithms a lot, too. They can change anything, and it’s really up to them, and you can’t say anything about it.

Anthony Padilla

At first, laws evolved out of religious doctrines. It followed that they were recognized only when advantageous to those who practiced the same religion and who appeared equals under the protection of the same gods. For the members of all other cults, there was neither law nor mercy.

Leon Bourgeois

The idea of determinism combined with complete human responsibility struck me as very hard to reconcile with an idea of justice, let alone mercy.

Ken MacLeod

I was surrounded at the time by about a dozen of the enemy, whose clubs rattled upon me without mercy, and the strokes of my sabre were rendered uncertain by the energetic pushes of an attendant who thus hoped to save me.

Richard Francis Burton

Our prayer and God’s mercy are like two buckets in a well; while the one ascends the other descends.

Mark Hopkins

The one great exception to the apathy on reunification is, naturally enough, Berlin. Encircled by the hostile Soviet Zone for ten years, at times blockaded and constantly at the Russians’ mercy, Berliners are committed to this one goal with a unique urgency.

J. Anthony Lukas

One night I was driving and so infatuated with dipping French fries into my milk shake that I drove right through a stop sign. The cop who pulled me over had no mercy.

Arielle Kebbel

Spare me through your mercy, do not punish me through your justice.

Anselm of Canterbury

When a man assumes leadership, he forfeits the right to mercy.

Gennaro Angiulo

The mercy caravans are through there the medicine refugees flowing out. It makes the United States look very bad here. And much more like an occupation force than it did before.

Jon Lee Anderson

We have only one task, to stand firm and carry on the racial struggle without mercy.

Heinrich Himmler

Lord, Bless our enemies; have mercy upon them, may they turn their course and let us alone, and let us live in peace at our homes in our own native land.

William Pennington

It’s hard to market a movie when you’re at the mercy of critics and journalists.

Harvey Weinstein

In 2010, the iPhone was only three years old, and many people still didn’t see smartphones as the indispensable digital appendages they are today. Seven years later, virtually everything we do causes us to bleed digital information, putting us at the mercy of invisible algorithms that threaten to consume our freedom.

Chelsea Manning

In whatever guise – our own daily nightmares of war, intolerance, inhumanity or the struggles of an Assistant Pig-Keeper against the Lord of Death – the problems are agonizingly familiar. And an openness to compassion, love, and mercy is as essential to us here and now as it is to any inhabitant of an imaginary kingdom.

Lloyd Alexander

Two places are ordained for man to dwell in after this life. While he is here, he may choose, by God’s mercy, which he will; but once he is gone from here, he may not do so. For whichever he first goes to, whether he like it well or ill, there he must dwell forevermore. He shall never after change his dwelling, though he hates it ever so badly.

John Wycliffe

The truth doesn’t have to do with cruelty, the truth has to do with mercy.

Ken Kesey

The Christian – the biblical – concept of mercy toward wrongdoers only exists in relation to justice. Showing mercy, in relation to wrongdoing, means treating someone better than they deserve.

John Piper

Many a sin has sullied me in body and in soul because I did not restrain my thoughts nor guard my lips: nevertheless it is to Thee, O God of majesty and love, that I turn in my extremity, for Thou art the fount of mercy; to Thee, as quickly as I may, I speed: for Thou alone canst heal me; I take refuge under Thy protection.

Saint Ambrose

God the Father lives. He hears and answers our prayers in love. The Savior Jesus Christ, resurrected and glorious, lives and reaches out to us in mercy.

Henry B. Eyring


A God all mercy is a God unjust.

Edward Young

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Love has its place, as does hate. Peace has its place, as does war. Mercy has its place, as do cruelty and revenge.

Meir Kahane

Being at the mercy of the acting profession, in the early days of one’s career, is really brutal and feels like you have no control over your life, at all.

Charlie Hunnam

I knew that my love for the Sisters of Mercy, Lords of the New Church and that kind of stuff, was never going to lend itself well to a direct interpretation in Black Veil Brides.

Andy Biersack

My whole life, I’ve loved ’80s synth and goth rock like The Sisters of Mercy and Depeche Mode.

Andy Biersack

Charity is a supreme virtue, and the great channel through which the mercy of God is passed onto mankind.

Conrad Hilton

Mankind’s true moral test, its fundamental test (which lies deeply buried from view), consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals. And in this respect mankind has suffered a fundamental debacle, a debacle so fundamental that all others stem from it.

Milan Kundera

The pain of loneliness seems to be part of the mortal experience. But the Lord in His mercy has made it so that we need never deal with the challenges of mortality alone.

Sheri L. Dew

The life and liberty and property and happiness of the common man throughout the world are at the absolute mercy of a few persons whom he has never seen, involved in complicated quarrels that he has never heard of.

Gilbert Murray

Today we are afraid of simple words like goodness and mercy and kindness. We don’t believe in the good old words because we don’t believe in good old values anymore. And that’s why the world is sick.

Lin Yutang

When you label so much of what happens to you as ‘bad,’ it reinforces the feeling that you are a powerless pawn at the mercy of outside forces over which you have no control. And – this is key – labeling something a bad thing almost guarantees that you’ll experience it as such.

Srikumar Rao

The sanitary and mechanical age we are now entering makes up for the mercy it grants to our sense of smell by the ferocity with which it assails our sense of hearing.

Havelock Ellis

When I am in the ring, all I think about is knocking my opponent’s head off, getting him out of there. Hurting him. Putting pain to him. I will have no mercy. I will have no pity.

Deontay Wilder

If you believe, as the Greeks did, that man is at the mercy of the gods, then you write tragedy. The end is inevitable from the beginning. But if you believe that man can solve his own problems and is at nobody’s mercy, then you will probably write melodrama.

Lillian Hellman

The brave love mercy, and delight to save.

John Gay

Cowards are cruel, but the brave love mercy and delight to save.

John Gay

People have an idea that one is in control of a career, a lot more than you really are. You can engineer things to an extent. But you are at the mercy of what comes in across the desk.

Gary Oldman

Citizens of Rome might boast that the claim of ‘Civus romanus sum’ set them apart from barbarians and slaves, and it was true up to a point, but Roman citizens lived in a society that accepted pain, cruelty, and torture as the norm, and in which there was no suggestion of equality at birth or mercy in the afterlife.

Michael Korda

Pretty woman, I don’t believe you, you’re not the truth. No one could look as good as you, mercy.

Roy Orbison

I fear God never showed mercy to one so vile as I.

David Brainerd

Satan tries to counterfeit the work of God, and by doing this, he may deceive many. To make us lose hope, feel miserable like himself, and believe that we are beyond forgiveness, Satan might even misuse words from the scriptures that emphasize the justice of God in order to imply that there is no mercy.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Sometimes I, as a public official, turn to Scripture or hymns – especially hymns, because sometimes we Catholics don’t have the Scriptures memorized like we should – to help me explain a public policy position or an idea or to be able to articulate it better when you’re talking about justice or mercy or compassion.

Bob Casey, Jr.

Jesus is not only the Son of God, but He is God Himself. Having all power in His hands, He laid down His life for people who deserved God’s justice, not His mercy.

Monica Johnson

Ultimately, the soul will receive either judgment or mercy through Christ.

Monica Johnson

Religious liberty is the first freedom in our Constitution. And whether the cause is justice for the persecuted, compassion for the needy and the sick, or mercy for the child waiting to be born, there is no greater force for good in the nation than Christian conscience in action.

Mitt Romney

They expect a certain amount of leniency or mercy from me because I’m a woman, and if you’ve ever met my mother, you should know that’s not even in the cards. She’s much tougher than I am – she’s a retired schoolteacher, so she’s seen it all.

Loretta Lynch

When you make a film, you realize that the audience will be powerless to stop it or flip back to refresh their memories or skip the boring parts. They are at the mercy of your storytelling.

Milos Forman

In a condition of society and under an industrial organization which places labor completely at the mercy of capital, the accumulations of capital will necessarily be rapid, and an unequal distribution of wealth is at once to be observed.

Leland Stanford

It’s easy to look at the things of this world to solve our challenges and obstacles in life, but when we submit our lives to Christ, His grace, mercy, peace and love will bring true fulfillment to our lives.

Bethany Hamilton

Money begets money. If you don’t have that, you wait around to be hired by somebody at the mercy of others. If you have that money in your hand, you desperately try to make the best use of it and move ahead. And that’s generating income for yourself.

Muhammad Yunus

I have come to know a God of compassion and mercy and love.

Philip Yancey

How can we condemn those who are truly blinded by evil? We can’t. We shouldn’t. How do we bring about conversion of those living in blindness? By love. By truth in charity. By offering forgiveness. By offering mercy. With prayer.

Abby Johnson

I see that the path of progress has never taken a straight line, but has always been a zigzag course amid the conflicting forces of right and wrong, truth and error, justice and injustice, cruelty and mercy.

Kelly Miller

Were we ever to find ourselves living under a totalitarian regime, place no faith in the mercy of your fellow citizens.

Michael Portillo

When you’re public, you’re at the mercy of the markets. You can be doing extremely well, but if the markets are in the tank or your industry is in the tank, you don’t get rewarded for it.

Tilman J. Fertitta

I suspect that even today, with all the progress we have made in liberal thought, the quality of true tolerance is as rare as the quality of mercy.

Frank Knox

If the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is to live, our babies must live. Our mothers must choose life. If we refuse to answer the cry of mercy from the unborn, and ignore the suffering of the mothers, then we are signing our own death warrants.

Alveda King

One thing I like about trying to write is that I can possibly write myself a role. Otherwise, you’re at the mercy of whatever roles are out there that people are willing to give to you.

Linda Cardellini

I always wanted to do things on my own terms, and unfortunately in this industry, that’s not something that is easily given. You’re at the mercy of other people, but then you still have that drive to continue on. That’s an equation for a lot of heartbreak.

Haley Bennett

We should not forget the principles of Christian mercy and justice: to welcome back those who are repentant and need our assistance, while encouraging the faithful to endure to the end.

Mark Skousen

Mining created Chile. The story of men who go down into the mountain and chip away at minerals in the darkness and then suffer an accident that leaves them at the mercy of that darkness is part of the DNA of Chile, an integral part of the country’s history.

Ariel Dorfman

It is healthy to say, ‘Yes, I am a sinner,’ and to recognise that this should lead us to turn to God full of confidence in his love and mercy.

Basil Hume

Mercy should make us ashamed, wrath afraid to sin.

William Gurnall

History offers us vicarious experience. It allows the youngest student to possess the ground equally with his elders; without a knowledge of history to give him a context for present events, he is at the mercy of every social misdiagnosis handed to him.

Hilary Mantel

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