Mayer Quotes About Love, Life, Oscar, Adlet, Milton, Rupert

Mayer Quotes About Love, Life, Oscar, Adlet, Milton, Rupert

Mayer Quotes About Love, Life, Oscar, Adlet, Milton, Rupert

Mayer Quotes:

John Mayer is the epitome of the lead guitar player so I sent him an email with a bunch of my music and he sent back really detailed advice.

Cody Simpson

Many people are target people. Once when Louis B. Mayer insulted me I poured a glass of water over his head.

Hedy Lamarr

In our house, the word of Louis B. Mayer became the law.

Judy Garland

I wanted to work with Michael Mayer because I’d seen ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ six times.

Jonathan Groff

Walter Mayer was a hero at a Salvation Army home fire in Cincinnati.

Ring Lardner

John Mayer would be my ultimate collaboration because he’s just the man. He has basically captured all I believe in with music.

Shawn Mendes

I think my all time favourite song would be between ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’ and ‘Dreaming with a Broken Heart’ by John Mayer.

Shawn Mendes

When I get high anxiety, I vomit. My mom was so stressed out. Then I found out I was staying in John Mayer’s old dorm room, and I had a nice roommate. That completely brought me down. I was completely comfortable at Berklee.

Charlie Puth

When I was about 18, I really started diving into Dave Matthews Band and John Mayer Trio and some of those things that have jazz elements but also a pop feel.

Lauren Daigle

But, I’ve always loved John Mayer and I think T-Pain is brilliant.

Taylor Swift

I admire woman like Marissa Mayer, the first female engineer and then CEO of Yahoo. Women who don’t only strive to be the equals of men, but who strive to live up to their full potential.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

John Mayer will be around forever, like the Eagles and Eric Clapton.

Brett Young

Fact is, awards shows were never really about recognizing achievement. They were a publicity ploy cooked up in the late 1920s by MGM topper Louie Mayer and his newly formed Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences which was itself, back in the day, nothing but a front organization to discourage unionizing.

John Ridley

If I ever do meet John Mayer and we end up in the studio, hopefully he’ll bring the guitar, and I’ll make a beat to it or something.


One of the perks is when John Mayer calls you up and tells you, ‘Hey, buddy, I just bought a ranch in Montana. When are you gonna come by? When are we gonna hang out?’ It’s just not something I ever expected to happen.

Corey Harrison

For my father, he didn’t know what ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was. He didn’t know who John Mayer was. But when I showed up on the ‘Law & Order’ TNT promo spot, he thought, ‘Wow, my son has made it.’

Mat Kearney

I didn’t get the degree because in my last year, for my thesis film I made a feature called Permanent Vacation and they’d given me a scholarship, the Louis B Mayer fellowship and they made a mistake.

Jim Jarmusch
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