Itch Quotes About Rash Attitude, Anniversary, Skin

Itch Quotes About Rash Attitude, Anniversary, Skin

Itch Quotes About Rash Attitude, Anniversary, Skin

Itch Quotes:

For me, shaping and sharpening knives is the perfect mix of a day of metal and woodwork, and seriously scratches my lifelong itch to make something with my own two hands – be it squid-and-veggie ramen or the fiberglass finish on a surfboard.

Brad Leone

I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn’t itch.

Gilda Radner

As I’ve gotten older and I’ve watched people in productions, I go to the theater when I go back to London and see friends in Broadway, I think maybe there might come a time here to get back up there and prove oneself. It’s just an itch; it’s a nagging itch to go back there.

Pierce Brosnan

Happiness is having a scratch for every itch.

Ogden Nash

Isn’t it true that the fault of birth rests somewhat on the child? I believe it’s we who led our parents on to bear us, and it’s our unborn children who make our flesh itch.

T. E. Lawrence

My problems are sort of more on a nuisance level. I can’t stand scratchy clothes, I’ve got to have soft kinds of cotton against my skin, and I don’t know why some 100% cotton t-shirts itch and others don’t; it has something to do with the weave.

Temple Grandin

Writing is like a ‘lust,’ or like ‘scratching when you itch.’ Writing comes as a result of a very strong impulse, and when it does come, I, for one, must get it out.

C. S. Lewis

Acting is an incredibly gratifying, creative experience when you’re doing it. But in the off-season, you want to scratch that itch, and writing has become that to me. It’s a really pure form of creativity. It’s good for my mental health in the same way reading books is good for me. It makes the day brighter.

Robert Sheehan

Rich people don’t like to be in the military. The shoes are ugly and the uniforms itch. Rich people don’t go in much for revolution or terrorism, either.

P. J. O’Rourke

Acting was always my unscratched itch, when I was in college and even afterwards.

Salman Rushdie

My look is either very baroque or very Zen – everything in between makes me itch.

Iris Apfel

I love to act. I need to act. It’s the big itch I need to scratch.

Christopher Meloni

Marriage is a difficult project. When seven years have passed and all your body’s cells have been replaced, you’re meant to experience that seven-year itch.

Yoko Ono

Film is an itch I have yet to scratch.

Lea Michele

I started to itch to do a play again and ‘Macbeth’ came to the surface in my mind. I never thought I would do it in a conventional way. A sweaty Macbeth with blood on his arms coming in fresh from the battle doesn’t interest me.

Alan Cumming

I think it’s in our nature to try to get beyond that next horizon. I think that when we, as a species, are scratching that itch, we’re actually following an evolutionary compulsion that is wired into us. I think good things come of it.

Ron Howard

I write to relieve an intellectual itch. I stumble across a hitherto neglected set of events, transformations, characters, or source materials from the past, and they nag at me until I make sense of them in words. But I also write to seduce and to make my readers think.

Linda Colley
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