Gadget Quotes About Addiction, Insurance, Lover, Freak, Inspector

Gadget Quotes About Addiction, Insurance, Lover, Freak, Inspector

Gadget Quotes About Addiction, Insurance, Lover, Freak, Inspector

Gadget Quotes:

I have a fondness for technology. It’s great to spend hours puttering around with mechanical things gotten from junkyards and visualizing what their use might be. Especially if you come across a gadget or tool and you don’t know what it is and you try to figure it out. I’m fascinated by processes, whatever they might be.

Roger Zelazny

We need to re-create boundaries. When you carry a digital gadget that creates a virtual link to the office, you need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before.

Daniel Goleman

I love my garlic press; in fact, it is probably my one true desert island gadget. But I’m happy to put it aside whenever the smell and sweet taste of slow-cooked garlic is called for.

Yotam Ottolenghi

The cheapest gadget – and you don’t even have to spend a dime – is chopsticks from a Chinese restaurant. I use them for everything: to toss salads, to turn a piece of meat in the pan, to flip croquettes in the Fryolator, to whisk eggs for omelets, to stir eggs into fried rice when I make that for my daughters.

Jose Andres

I played the organ when I went to military school, when I was 10. They had a huge organ, the second-largest pipe organ in New York State. I loved all the buttons and the gadgets. I’ve always been a gadget man.

Stephen Sondheim

My first transistor radio was the heart of my gadget love today. It fit in my hand and brought me a world of music 24 / 7.

Steve Wozniak

I’m not a big gadget guy. When I write, I’ll do the whole thing by hand, and then I’ll put it into the computer.

Vince Vaughn

I’m a bit of a gadget freak.

Matt Lanter

I’m not really gadget oriented. I’m not into technology or computers. I’m not good at interfacing with that sort of gear.

Nicolas Cage

My new iPhone, I’m obsessed. My iPod. I love all the Mac crap. AppleTV, I’m crazy about that. I’d rather buy a new gadget than, like, a purse.

Kaley Cuoco

I’m not a gadget freak.

Yami Gautam

The computer is really a useful gadget for consuming time.

Gordon Moore

It’s no secret that in our society, and many before, people are trend followers. For some reason, they feel better about themselves if they are dressed in the latest fashion or have the newest tech gadget.

Victoria Osteen

I’m a great believer in the principle of try it and work it out. If a gadget is designed well, you can easily work out how to use it. But if you can’t, it isn’t shameful to read the instructions.

James May

My phone is my favorite travel gadget because it has my translator.

Andrew Zimmern

When I started running, a gadget was a wristwatch with a secondhand on it.

Don Kardong

The perfect gadget would somehow allow me to fly. Isn’t that what everybody wants? It would also cook a damn good microwave pizza. So while in flight you had something to eat – an in-flight meal. Where would I go? Well, nowadays, it would probably just take me to work a lot quicker.

John Krasinski

Stand in my lobby at 5:30 P.M., and there is no one who gets out of the lift who is not on a gadget. No one is talking to each other. I get in the lift and say, ‘Hello,’ and everyone’s head is down tapping on a screen.

Philip Green

I don’t even think whether I play the blues or not, I just play whatever feels right at the moment. I also will use any gadget or device that I find that helps me achieve the sort of sound on the guitar that I want to get.

David Gilmour
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