Famous Collar Quotes On Starquotes On Attitude, Dog & Colour

Famous Collar Quotes On Starquotes On Attitude, Dog & Colour

Famous Collar Quotes On Starquotes On Attitude & Dog

Collar Quotes:

Surely the fact that a uniformed police officer is wearing his hair below his collar will make him no less identifiable as a policeman.

Thurgood Marshall

I think if I’d never had found pro wrestling, I’d be a blue collar guy, working a 9-to-5 job.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

I signed a dog collar. Someone gave me their dog – a live dog – and I signed its collar. When they handed me the dog, I didn’t know what to do. That was weird.

Daniel Ricciardo

In the 1960s, if you were a blue collar worker or uneducated, and you had an injury on the job, the company basically dismissed you.

Howard Schultz

I’m louder and bigger with my curls. There’s power in that. Also, straight hair is kind of annoying. It gets caught in my collar.

Yara Shahidi

So the first job that I got – my father got it for me – he had his clerical collar on, was a gay bar in D.C., it was Mr. Henry’s of Georgetown.


I consider ‘White Collar’ my home base. I’m so lucky to get to play a character that’s very multifaceted and the writers take risks on and never get into a staid process with.

Matt Bomer

You should be watching ‘White Collar’ because it’s a fun, intelligent procedural infused with a lot of great character writing by Jeff Eastin.

Matt Bomer

Obviously, when you finish something like ‘White Collar,’ there are so many opportunities to just do something similar because people want that kind of thing, and I really have tried to stretch myself out, for better or for worse. I hope that I’m able to get to continue to do that, as an artist, and I’m not the guy who shows up to be charming.

Matt Bomer

Ohio suffered, like a lot of Midwestern states, under the weight of trade deals that really diminished a lot of good-paying manufacturing jobs; a lot of the blue collar workers in the state are suffering, just like many of their counterparts across the country. I’m not terribly surprised that Mr. Trump won Ohio.

Nina Turner

As much as I’d like to think and as much as people mistakenly think my audience is blue collar people in the heart of America, my audience is basically, in the States, an NPR audience. I play college towns in the summer because that’s who comes to see me.

Steve Earle

I don’t know of any other driver on the track that doesn’t get hot under the collar.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

I left halfway through my third year to start Lipstick On Your Collar, which was the first thing I ever did.

Ewan McGregor

I quite like walking out in my sweet new Balor Club jacket, popping my collar and being Mr. Cool.

Finn Balor

I’ve never owned a T-shirt. I don’t like vests or sweaters or cardies with zips. I like a proper shirt with a collar. There’s nothing else that I think I look nice in. I don’t think there’s anything else that other men look nice in, to be honest. Things with words on! Can you imagine? On grown-ups! Words are to make books with.

Howard Jacobson

I don’t even like sitting in a taxi or on the tube when I’ve got a nicely ironed shirt on – I can feel the creases starting. I was taught to iron in the children’s home I lived in – along with mopping, sweeping, and washing up. If you iron a shirt in order – collar, cuffs, yoke, sleeves and then body – it comes out all neat and gorgeous.

Neil Morrissey

I feel as if someone is going to come along, feel my collar and say: ‘Do you really think you can get people to read books you’ve made up about people that don’t exist?’

Deborah Moggach

When you have a label stuck on you, people tend to believe it. If someone calls you suave and debonair, you only get offered parts in a suit and a collar and tie. It just so happens I wear them reasonably well.

Charles Dance

No offense to Boston, but I was glad to get out of there. I think it’s just because I’m from Philly. Honestly, the blue collar side of each are pretty similar in ways, but something about the makeup of your brain, Philly versus Boston. It’s a lot different, in weird ways.

Kurt Vile

The last blue collar job I had, I was 29. Even ‘Childish Prodigy,’ I had a day job that whole time. Those early ones, they feel like psychedelic, blue collar records. Especially ‘God Is Saying This to You,’ there’s such urgency in that album.

Kurt Vile

A street criminal can steal only what he can carry, but with a stroke of a pen, the dialing of a telephone or the pushing of a computer key, the white collar criminal can and does steal billions.

Janet Reno

Where I went to school, Eton College, we had to wear dark trousers, a tailcoat, and a stiff, starched collar every day, and that was fine with me: Part of the reason I wanted to go there was because I’ve always loved dressing up.

Charlie Siem

The dog collar is fascinating to people, when it doesn’t repel. I’ve got used to being shouted at in the street.

Richard Coles

What I wear identifies me as a priest. I don’t agree with all this trying to appear ‘normal’. If you want that to be normal, don’t take off your dog collar and then put it on again, because what you’re doing is playing along with the view that wearing one makes you odd.

Richard Coles

Shirt collars are very important to me. Putting a very soft shirt collar with a formal suit doesn’t work for me at all.

Ozwald Boateng

The people I represent in Northeast Ohio and the tens of millions of workers across our country are proud to be called blue collar.

Tim Ryan

White collar conservative flashin down the street, pointing that plastic finger at me, they all assume my kind will drop and die, but I’m gonna wave my freak flag high.

Jimi Hendrix

If you watch the ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour,’ don’t expect that when you come see me by myself, ’cause it’s a little rougher.

Ron White

I was by far the least popular of the Blue Collar crew when we started. There was a definite pecking order, and everybody knew it.

Ron White

I’m not the least bit polished, I come from a blue collar background and I never thought I could feel comfortable around the English.

Paul Walker

I remember in that red leisure suit I sort of felt like a Pizza Hut employee, and the white one was the ultimate, with the white turtleneck collar, that was the ultimate in bad taste.

Johnny Depp

A crime is a crime, regardless of what collar you wear.

Jesse Ventura
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