Eye Contact Quotes On Love, Attraction, Crush, Students, Wisdom

Eye Contact Quotes On Love, Attraction, Crush, Students, Wisdom

Eye Contact Quotes On Love, Attraction, Crush, Students, Wisdom
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Eye Contact Quotes:

I don’t think people are going to talk in the future. They’re going to communicate through eye contact, body language, emojis, signs.

Kanye West

I love almost everything about my work except conferences. I am too shy in front of an audience. But I love signings and having eye contact with a reader who already knows my soul.

Paulo Coelho

Sometimes you have to disconnect to stay connected. Remember the old days when you had eye contact during a conversation? When everyone wasn’t looking down at a device in their hands? We’ve become so focused on that tiny screen that we forget the big picture, the people right in front of us.

Regina Brett

Making eye contact with adults while dressed as a clown is risky.

Douglas Coupland

People simply don’t make eye contact anymore.

Eric Kripke

When you sign on to be an activist in northwest Montana, people in the grocery store will avoid eye contact, particularly if they’re hanging out with outspoken opponents to your views.

Rick Bass

When you’re on set all day, and you don’t look people in the eye, it’s really relaxing. Normally when you talk to someone, a lot of the conversation is in the body language and in the eye contact and stuff. And if you don’t do that, if you just listen to the words, it’s quite relaxing, because there’s just one thing to focus on.

Ryan Cartwright

Italian girls are famous for being snobby and expecting men to make the first move. In America, if I don’t make eye contact, the guys won’t come over and talk. American girls just go for it. You men are spoiled.

Silvia Colloca

I was 6, and I was in the opera ‘Carmen.’ My dad sang opera and got me into the children’s chorus. I was super fat at the time and didn’t make eye contact with anyone. I knew I loved acting ever since.

Owen Benjamin

The majority of teenagers don’t even make eye contact with people, even people of the same age.

Saoirse Ronan

Beliefs about how lying looks are plentiful and often contradictory: depending on whom you choose to believe, liars can be detected because they fidget a lot, hold very still, cross their legs, cross their arms, look up, look down, make eye contact or fail to make eye contact.

Robin Marantz Henig

The eyes are so telling. That’s how you engage with people and bond with them. I love direct, strong eye contact.

Huda Kattan

It’s essential that you make eye contact with your audience. You’ve got to know what’s happening out there.

Rolf Harris

There is a saying, ‘Eyes are the windows to the soul.’ It means, mostly, people can see through someone else by eye contact in seven seconds. I have a habit that if I meet someone I don’t know, I’d like to look at her or his eyes on purpose. When my eyes lay on them, I can immediately see their true color.

Peng Liyuan

In my writing class, we never, ever talk about the writing – ever. We never address a story that’s been read. I also won’t let anyone look at the person who’s reading. No eye contact; everybody has to draw a spiral. And I would like to do a drawing class where we could talk about anything except for the drawing. No one could even mention it.

Lynda Barry

Confidence is everything, and the way you carry yourself, your posture, eye contact, all of that is such a big role in impressions, regardless of your size.

Camille Kostek

If I see a cop, it’s not like, ‘Oh, there’s a cop who’s gonna keep me safe.’ It’s more, ‘There’s a cop who might be having a bad day, so don’t make eye contact.’

Flying Lotus

One thing I always do in the huddle, pre-snap, is make eye contact.

Jameis Winston

When I was interviewing Hillary Clinton, I knew when I’d ask her something that she wasn’t going to give me the complete truth because she would break eye contact with me.

Amanda de Cadenet

My kids really still share the one thing that I think is life-changing, and that’s eye contact with me. As they’ve gotten older, I have made it a priority to continue that.

Harris Faulkner

I’ve done interviews in the past where, apparently, I didn’t give the journalist any eye contact. I’m a bit shy, yes. I’ve thought about refusing to do any press at all.

Julian Barratt

If you see a gaggle of teenagers walking towards you, you tend not to make eye contact, because you know they’re going to recognise you. You learn to adapt: 99.999 per cent of people aren’t looking to be harmful or unpleasant; they just want something, a photograph or an autograph.

Robert Sheehan

I was raised by a strong mother who always taught me to speak up, I never had difficulty leaving an uncomfortable situation or cutting eye contact; people used to call me cold.

Toni Garrn

Baseball is a movable conversation across nine innings. It is eye contact with the person seated next to you in a park where the pitcher is separated from the batter by 60 feet, six inches or in a family room where a 60-inch TV screen hangs on the wall.

Mike Barnicle

When I’ve ridden in parades, I always throw to the kids, the elderly and anyone who is smiling and having a great time. I try to make eye contact with the person. If you catch a ton and a kid nearby hasn’t caught much, share.

Bryan Batt

The deaf community relies so much on eye contact, expression and body language. It’s such a huge part of who we are.

Millicent Simmonds

What I love about the way folks have interacted with me over the years is that they just want to make eye contact and for me to say something nice.

Peter Scolari

I was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award 19 times before I won. The first nine years, I heard someone else’s name called; after that – I think it was a protective thing – I didn’t hear whose name was called, but nobody was making eye contact with me, so I knew that it wasn’t mine.

Susan Lucci

As scary as it is, I like making real, direct eye contact with people from the stage. In a sense, it’s like modeling: that feeling of locking in and projecting some kind of emotion to try to captivate people.

Karen Elson

In ’24,’ you spend so much time with your faces really close, eye contact with such intensity.

Annie Wersching

I have a problem with making eye contact with people, or with holding eye contact.

Jamie Hewlett

Sometimes, the most daunting thing about performing is making eye contact with your audience, so just look above them and at the corners of the room. Soon, you’ll totally forget they’re there.

Laura Marano

I can’t remember a major league game where I could make eye contact with my dad. I kept wondering if he was going to yell at me for hanging a pitch or something.

David Cone

In London, people don’t make eye contact; it’s almost too provocative.

Emily Beecham

Flirting all starts with eye contact! You can tell a girl is into you if she’s across the room and still making eye contact with you.

Chandler Parsons

I feel like when you have an unauthorized police badge and something that looks like it could be a concealed weapon in the small of your back that when you, someone crosses you, pisses you off, road rage, I think just the slight badge and the little moving away of the jacket and not losing eye contact does amazing things.

Sandra Bullock

Girls bat their eyelashes and act like they don’t know anything in front of guys they like, or give a little bit of eye contact, but not too much, or a bit of touching. Or being coy. Sure, I do a bit of that.

Hilary Duff

You’ve got to be like a fan at your show, just wild out. I make eye contact. I get in the crowd and kick it with ’em, stage dive, mosh. I make ’em laugh. I go out there and turn up, have fun. There’s no set list; I don’t have rehearsals.

Schoolboy Q

Some guys find eating face-to-face weirdly intense. But sitting on the same side of the table allows both intermittent physical contact and eye contact.

Katie Lee

I like getting to the meat of things. You can’t get it in a five-minute interview. I like to hone a person. I like to make eye contact.

Larry King

I have a big thing with eye contact, because I think as soon as you make eye contact with somebody, you see them, and they become valued and worthy.

Mary Lambert

When I went to home plate in a game-tied situation or with a chance to do something and help the ballclub win one, I’d try to make eye contact with the pitcher.

Reggie Jackson

I just always knew that I lived in two worlds. There was the world of my house and community, but to make my way in that white world I had to modify the way I spoke and acted. I had to sometimes not make direct eye contact.

Samuel L. Jackson

Chimpanzees, typically, kiss and embrace after fights. They first make eye contact from a distance to see the mood of the others. Then they approach and kiss and embrace.

Frans de Waal

I am very superstitious about toasts. I never toast with water, and I’m very careful to make eye contact with everyone I toast with.

Maggie Grace

As any speaker will tell you, when you address a large number of people from a stage, you try to make eye contact with people in the audience to communicate that you’re accessible and interested in them.

Simon Mainwaring

If I feel like I’ve done a great job during an interview with the president of the United States live in the Oval Office, it doesn’t give me a tenth of the good feeling of going to the school play and making eye contact with my kids as they’re onstage delivering their lines. Nothing compares with that moment of connection.

Matt Lauer

There are moments of opportunity for families; moments they need to put technology away. These include: no phones or texting during meals. No phones or texting when parents pick up children at school – a child is looking to make eye contact with a parent!

Sherry Turkle

I want children who can make eye contact. I want children who know how to resolve conflicts with their peers. I want children who understand the dynamics of interpersonal relationships that are physical and tactile. I do not want children that only know how to interface with the world through a screen.

Chamath Palihapitiya

I can’t make eye contact when people sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me.

Dove Cameron

Crowds are the most difficult thing for me these days because I have to walk with my head down and my eyes averted. There’s still that part of me that wants to hold my head up, make eye contact and smile.

Cameron Diaz

I put on the fat suit and went outside and walked around. I was really nervous about being found out, but nobody would even make eye contact with me. It really upset me.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Becoming famous is a really shocking thing, especially when you don’t have aspirations to it. It got to the point where I would try and avoid making eye contact with anyone. It was freaky, and it just happened overnight. I couldn’t handle it.

Alison Moyet

My son was diagnosed with autism. He’s OK, he makes eye contact, but he doesn’t talk. He needs eight hours a day of very intensive school, and you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you how much it costs.

Steve Earle

Make eye contact with cute strangers. Give guys your email. Email is safer than a number, or at least it feels that way.

Nikki Glaser

In my carjack I immediately knew not to resist. I put my hands up, I didn’t make eye contact, I didn’t speak with them, I didn’t argue with them, and he searched me – I knew he was going to search me, because I was told they would probably search you for phones or keys. I think once you expect something it’s not as scary.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters

I’m hopeless at small talk and have a problem making eye contact.

Gary Numan

What is Eye Contact?

Face touch happens as two individuals gaze at each other’s eyes at once. In humans, eye contact is a form of non-verbal communication and is thought to have a major influence on social behavior.

Coined in the early to mid-1960s, the term came from the West to often define the act as a meaningful and important sign of trust , respect and social communication.

The customs and significance of eye contact varies between societies, with religious and social differences often altering their meaning.

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