Cyberspace Quotes About Security, Threat, Ethics, Power, Warfare, World

Cyberspace Quotes About Security, Threat, Ethics, Power, Warfare, World

Cyberspace Quotes About Security, Threat, Ethics, Power, Warfare, World

Cyberspace Quotes:

In Cyberspace, the First Amendment is a local ordinance.

John Perry Barlow

The true identity theft is not financial. It’s not in cyberspace. It’s spiritual. It’s been taken.

Stephen Covey

You can think of the entire Internet as a place where ideas embodied in cyberspace are having a war, and it’s not much different than the war of gods in heaven, which has been taking place since there’s been human beings.

Jordan Peterson

Cyberspace can’t compensate for real space. We benefit from chatting to people face to face.

Jonathan Sacks

The cyberspace earnings I get from Linux come in the format of having a Network of people that know me and trust me, and that I can depend on in return.

Linus Torvalds

Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators, in every nation, by children being taught mathematical concepts.

William Gibson

‘Cyberspace’ as a term is sort of over. It’s over in the way that, after a certain time, people stopped using the suffix ‘-electro’ to make things cool, because everything was electrical. ‘Electro’ was all over the early 20th century, and now it’s gone. I think ‘cyber’ is sort of the same way.

William Gibson

Cyberspace is – or can be – a good, friendly and egalitarian place to meet.

Douglas Adams

Cyberspace is colonising what we used to think of as the real world. I think that our grandchildren will probably regard the distinction we make between what we call the real world and what they think of as simply the world as the quaintest and most incomprehensible thing about us.

William Gibson

I don’t even want to guess at what computer literacy might do to children, except to say that if cyberspace is considered a place, then there are people who are already in it and people who are not in it.

Sugata Mitra

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated in conjuring up new ways to hijack your system by exploiting technical vulnerabilities or human nature. Don’t become the next victim of unscrupulous cyberspace intruders.

Kevin Mitnick

One of the big no-nos in cyberspace is that you do not go into a social activity, a chat group or something like that, and start advertising or selling things. This etiquette rule is an attempt to separate one’s social life, which should be pure enjoyment and relaxation, from the pressures of work.

Judith Martin

I also wanted Parker to operate in the Internet age without losing being Parker. He’s always operated in the world without really being with the world, and cyberspace means that the rest of us are more and more living the same way.

Donald E. Westlake

Instead of mindlessly tossing billions at or taking billions from the Net as such, investors should be spending their time making sure that it’s the future Fords and General Motors of cyberspace that are getting the capital they need.

James Surowiecki

We can improve the military at less cost and with increased capability. It’s not acceptable to keep investing in structure when we would be wiser to invest in dominating the new warfare domain of cyberspace.

Joe Sestak

We will create a civilization of the Mind in Cyberspace. May it be more humane and fair than the world your governments have made before.

John Perry Barlow

There are a lot of similarities between cyberspace and the frontier. It’s pretty raw and primitive. I mean, you have to churn your own butter in cyberspace. You can’t go down to the 7-Eleven and buy a stick of butter because it’s not that well developed.

Mitch Kapor

As we now know, cyberspace did not liberate human society from pre-existing socioeconomic hierarchies and power structures.

Jenna Wortham

I stand out because I’m usually the first to create a trend or make an existing trend unique in my own way. Plus I look and sound different then most people on the Internet and have the most recognizable lips in cyberspace.


Like civil-rights protesters who sang rousing hymns as they were carried off to jail, Twitterers are bearing witness to what’s happening around them, and calling out into the darkness of cyberspace for confirmation. I’m here. You’re here, too. We are present.

Douglas Rushkoff

I removed ‘cyberspace’ from my vernacular. The idea, which I grew up with, of going into a place separate from the real world, is something my students just don’t recognise.

Clay Shirky

Infrastructures of power always inhabit the surface of the earth somehow, or the skies above the earth. They’re material things, always, and even though the metaphors we use to describe them are often immaterial – for example, we might describe the Internet as the Cloud or cyberspace – those metaphors are wildly misleading.

Trevor Paglen

We take all potential threats to public and private sector systems seriously and will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace.

Christopher A. Wray

In fact, most people who are bullies are people who have been abused in one way or the other in some other part of their life, and somebody who is bullied at school might come home and bully their younger siblings or their cousins or other people in their neighborhood, or in cyberspace.

Kerry Kennedy

If you employ an army, have money, bombard cyberspace with misinformation, innocent people tend to buy it.

Kapil Sibal

Cyberattacks have become a permanent fixture on the international scene because they have become easy and cheap to launch. Basic computer literacy and a modest budget can go a long way toward invading a country’s cyberspace.

Evgeny Morozov

Clear limits should be set on how power is exercised in cyberspace by companies as well as governments through the democratic political process and enforced through law.

Rebecca MacKinnon

Human rights in cyberspace are really no different from rights in the physical world.

Rebecca MacKinnon

In a modern digitalized world, it is possible to paralyze a country without attacking its defense forces: The country can be ruined by simply bringing its SCADA systems to a halt. To impoverish a country, one can erase its banking records. The most sophisticated military technology can be rendered irrelevant. In cyberspace, no country is an island.

Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Violent ideologies can proliferate and spread; threats are no longer contained by borders and oceans; and adversaries are as likely to be found in cyberspace as on the battlefield.

Loretta Lynch

When I get back from this book tour, I’m planning to learn the internet. Maybe I can hook up in cyberspace.

Armistead Maupin

Unsettling signs of al Qaeda’s aims and skills in cyberspace have led some government experts to conclude that terrorists are at the threshold of using the Internet as a direct instrument of bloodshed.

Barton Gellman

There is a certain belief that so long as something is published in cyberspace there is no need to respect the laws of contempt or libel. This is mistaken.

Dominic Grieve

With digital attacks becoming rampant, the computer nerds who work for the good guys to thwart such incursions have become the new Navy SEALs – elite commandos who can carry out sophisticated operations on the battlefield of cyberspace.

Daniel Lyons

We need librarians who can handle this tremendous jumble of information that is in cyberspace.

Robert Darnton

We live in an environment in which connectivity and cyberspace are transforming all workplaces, including the humanitarian workplace.

Peter Maurer

I tend not to read reviews; there’s too much out there in cyberspace.

Terence Winter

If instantaneity is what we want, television cannot compete with cyberspace.

James Gleick

Basic dictionaries no longer belong on paper; the greatest, the ‘Oxford English Dictionary,’ has nimbly remade itself in cyberspace, where it has doubled in size and grown more timely and usable than ever.

James Gleick

Cyberspace as a mode of being will never go away. We live in cyberspace.

James Gleick

In cyberspace, the Wikipedians never stop gathering: It’s a continuous round-the-clock rolling workfest.

James Gleick

In cyberspace, 95 per cent of what you read is hearsay.

David Tang

Bulletin boards are sort of the garage bands of cyberspace.

Mitch Kapor

Life in cyberspace is often conducted in primitive frontier conditions, but it is a life which, at its best, is more egalitarian than elitist and more decentralized than hierarchical. It serves individuals and communities, not mass audiences, and it is extraordinarily multi-faceted in the purposes to which it is put.

Mitch Kapor

Life in cyberspace seems to be shaping up exactly like Thomas Jefferson would have wanted: founded on the primacy of individual liberty and a commitment to pluralism, diversity, and community.

Mitch Kapor

Since arriving in Washington in January 2015, I have pushed for a strategic framework that clearly articulates how we’ll tackle threats in cyberspace.

Ben Sasse

A domain name is your address, your address on the Internet. We all have a physical address; we’re all going to need an address in cyberspace. They’re becoming increasingly important. I believe we’ll get to the point where when you’re born, you’ll be issued a domain name.

Bob Parsons

I’ve met very lonely people who have 10,000 friends on Facebook. And it’s just not real. We’ve set up this artificial society in cyberspace. And that’s supposed to be a community, like a real community. It’s supposed to be where people go to get solace or friendship or have fun.

John Rzeznik

In cyberspace, weapons systems get created in 24-hour cycles. You have no earthly idea whether or not you have a defensive capability against them.

Thom Tillis

Some of the greatest national security threats we face cannot be defeated or defended by traditional military hardware, but only by greatly enhanced cyberspace warfare, including both offensive cyber-warfare and cyber-security.

Joe Sestak

We live in a digital world where all is available at the touch of a screen. Money has been simplified, changed subtly over time from tangible bills to numbers in cyberspace. Cash is no longer in a cloth bag; it’s numbers on a screen. Numbers that can be manipulated and modified. If you run out of numbers, you can just buy some more, right?

Rhys Darby

Cyberspace is the new domain of warfare.

Joe Sestak

What is Cyberspace?

The concept of cyberspace is a widespread digital technology that is connected.In science fiction and the arts it became popular culture but is now used by strategists in the fields of technology, security professionals, government officials, military and industry leaders and businessmen.

Others see cyberspace as only a notional environment where communication over computer networks takes place.

The term ‘cyberspace’ came into play in the 1990s, when the use of the Internet, networking, and digital communication was increasing dramatically and many new ideas and phenomena emerging.

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