Cool Quotes On Attitude, Life, Style, Myself, Love, Line, Music, Bikes

Cool Quotes On Attitude, Life, Style, Myself, Love, Line, Music, Bikes

Cool Quotes Attitude, Life, Style, Myself, Love, Line, Music, Bikes

Cool Quotes:

I get along with Australians really well. Everyone’s usually really cool, and it’s always a drag to leave.

Henry Rollins

I’m cool with failing so long as I know that there are people around me that love me unconditionally.

Dave Chappelle

It’s always been fun for me to play somebody else. I did drama class when I was younger. It kind of just happened. I never said, ‘I want to act.’ I just auditioned for the role, I got it. I was blessed with this opportunity to be in ‘Earth to Echo.’ It’s fun for me; it’s cool to do.


I think the whole thing, boy band, it’s a little bit of a dirty word. They say it’s not a good thing to be in a boy band. We want to change that. We want to make the boy band cool. It’s not just about dancing and dressing the same.

Liam Payne

Rosie Perez is the coolest. She’s kind of everything you want her to be. She’s involved in so many cool things, political charities and stuff.

Alia Shawkat

It’s kinda cool seeing people having real fights with people they really know.

Ron Livingston

One of the things I admire most about millennials is they celebrate individualism, and their singularity is encouraged. To be different is to be cool as opposed to weird.

Sutton Foster

Success in math and the hard sciences, far from being a matter of gender, is almost entirely dependent on culture – a culture that teaches girls math isn’t cool and no one will date them if they excel in physics.

Eileen Pollack

I don’t think, generally speaking, people become writers because they were the really good, really cool, attractive kid in class. I’ll be honest. This is our revenge for people who were much better looking and more popular than us. I was a bit like that, I suppose.

Steven Moffat

It feels quite cool, in a mad way, to be someone who skulks about in the shadows.

Peter Baynham

I think if you’re too concerned with being cool or hip or liked, you can’t really make good TV because sincerity and coolness are opposites.

Michael Schur

If a show ever tries to be cool, then it’s going to be doing something wrong.

Michael Schur

There is something exciting about being in an environment in which it’s really cool to be smart.

Freeman A. Hrabowski III

I thought, ‘How cool would it be to paint Donald Trump in Donald Trump’s house with Donald Trump there.’

Michael Israel

I don’t advertise what I do to my kids. I don’t go around waving a flag. I’m sure they are proud, in a certain way. I’m not like ‘hey kids – check this out.’ No matter what they do, your dad is still your dad. Nothing is going to help you out in that regard. Dad is just not cool.

Samuel Ervin Beam

I like to buy girls shoes and jewelry. I buy stupidly expensive shoes. I got Louboutins for my mom and my girlfriend before. My mom was like, ‘I can’t wear these; they’re too high.’ I was like, ‘Mom, you have to try them – they’re so cool. They’re red snakeskin!’ She still wears them every so often, but she can’t walk in them.

Ansel Elgort

I love people, and I love to be with people and to make music with people, but my natural state is to revert back to being by myself in my house, which is cool because that’s where I practice and write and listen and study.

Esperanza Spalding

As you go back or move toward insights/ideas/events/words/lessons/mistakes in the past, you develop into the future from the present. I think that’s pretty cool that two quote-unquote opposites are intrinsically linked. That whole theme of opposites being two sides of the same whole is a theme that’s always been intriguing to me.

Esperanza Spalding

Ron Howard is as good a person as you could want to work with on film. He never lost his cool. He’s the most easygoing, lovely man, but he’s got this enormous intelligence and a wonderful humanity.

Christine Baranski

If I’m backed into a corner, the first thing that comes to mind is the robot from Forbidden Planet. But that could be me trying to be kitschy, cool, and cultural, because the real answer is R2D2.

Christian Slater

We live in a world that tells us not to care, to consume everything in sight. It tells us that being cool and being an individual actually means buying what everyone else is buying and doing what everyone else is doing.

Julia Butterfly Hill

I can hold space for people who think I’m a nut job. It’s cool. But I know from my own experience what I experienced. I know what I learned. I know what I saw. I know what I heard.

Julia Butterfly Hill

Honestly, with me, as long as I have a park to play basketball in, I’m pretty cool.

Manny Montana

When you’re young, it’s all about the society of school and being cool, but they don’t understand that somebody can be different and live a different lifestyle and still be a regular person. I was the same way when I was a kid.

Manny Montana

To make a genuine record, it takes more than a cool beat and some auto tune.


When I was growing up, there were a few musicians who would have regular gigs at restaurants, and I always thought it was so cool and unexpected how they would spontaneously perform. Being the ambitious kid that I was, I got into it and really studied it. I was so inspired by it.


I’ve gotten to play some cool venues, like at an aquarium in La Jolla, California.


My parents used to throw great New Year’s Eve parties. They invited such an eclectic mix of showbiz people. All those cool people were always hanging out at our apartment.

Ben Stiller

Look at Scottish guys wearing kilts – you could look at them and laugh, but the way they carry themselves, how can you? You can wear some of the weirdest things and be cool. If you believe in it, that’s what makes it cool.

Andre Benjamin

I think I’m commercial underground. I’m not commercial in the way that people consider ‘pop,’ but I’m not underground in the way that people consider that. either. I am just a cool guy.


Growing up, Guess always had these amazing billboards and cool affordable clothing. I wore it then, and I still wear it now! It’s come full-circle. When I design the clothes, I have a very good team around me, showing me different pieces and cuts.


What’s cool is when people send me messages or tag me in their photos, which definitely happens more after a project comes out. The best part, I think, is that the DMs and tags are always from young girls, and reaching them is the most important thing for me.

Petra Collins

I think anytime you can share images that make young women feel a sense of belonging when they might not be feeling their best or their strongest is so cool.

Petra Collins

I want Maggie Gyllenhaal. I don’t know why. I don’t think she necessarily looks like me or acts like me, I just think she’s a cool actress and she could play me, so there you go.

Diablo Cody

You gotta have some flash. Being a nice guy is cool and all, but to really make it in this game, you bring that extra quality.

Adrien Broner

I’ve been such an oddball my whole life, but I’ve always been cool and I’ve always dressed fairly smartly.

CeeLo Green

I need some time to write songs and work on my thing, but I’m just living my life and doing family stuff and letting inspiration come when it comes. But I also don’t feel a desperate need to keep pushing myself into people’s faces to stay cool and relevant.

Phil Elverum

Let me tell you something… If you’re anybody – not just me, but anybody – and you can put an oven that doesn’t work at all on eBay and sign your name on it and sell it for 1200 bucks, and somebody will drive from Seattle to Dallas, Texas, to get it, that’s pretty cool.

Vinnie Paul

I feel like I’ve kinda danced around telling the truest story I can for many years of my life. I’ve been a little distracted by trying to be shocking or edgy or cool or whatever, and by letting go of that and telling the truest story I can – even if it’s about aliens and talking raccoons – it works.

James Gunn

I wasn’t the cool kid in school, but I wasn’t the lame one. I knew I wasn’t cool, so I called myself lame, and that’s what made me cool in front of the cool kids.


I glance through the pages of all the top magazines every month just to see if there are any colors that are trending. I’ll also go on Instagram and look at the ‘popular’ page to see what people are liking, what’s cool. I’ll check it at different times of the day; for example, if it’s really late in L.A., you’ll see a lot of posts in Asia.

Michelle Phan

A full beard looks cool.

Richard C. Armitage

Sunday school don’t make you cool forever.

Sly Stone

We did some cool wire work in ‘The Pact’ – they had me strapped to a harness underneath my shirt so they could fling me around the house and slam me into doors. I definitely got some bruises even with all the padding!

Caity Lotz

I’ve danced my whole life. Martial arts is just fun for me, it’s all choreographed a bit like dance. I have done Muay Thai and Wushu, which is cool because it’s very fluid dance. I also do Tricking. It’s kind of like Taekwondo with the big kicks and flips and showier aspects of martial arts.

Caity Lotz

Lady Gaga? She’s cool! She works really hard. When we would have our dance rehearsals, she wasn’t the singer that was like, ‘Oh, I’ll just stand in front.’ She wanted to learn everything – she was doing the dance moves. She’s a good dancer.

Caity Lotz
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