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Claustrophobic Quotes:

New York and LA are both great places to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live in either of them now. I find New York extremely claustrophobic and dirty. LA is quite a nice place. But there’s no hustle and bustle, no street life.

Jonny Lee Miller

It’s something I’ve enjoyed since being a kid, the fantasy of it, the imagining I’m someone other than who I am. I’ve always felt claustrophobic in one sense of identity. If anything, I’ve had to work to develop a sense of my own identity. I used to really hate it when people defined me.

Mark Rylance

I never pondered during my struggling phase that I should have become an engineer, as I knew that was not my life. I couldn’t have lived it. It would have been a very claustrophobic life.

Vicky Kaushal

I enjoy a four-seasonal climate and wide-open spaces, so being on an island 2,500 miles into the South Pacific made me feel a little claustrophobic.

Matthew Fox

It’s very claustrophobic to live a life which is not really how you wanted to live. You are forcing yourself to be quiet and behave like someone you are not.

Taapsee Pannu

I’m claustrophobic. I can’t go into haunted houses. They have these tight, dark, enclosed space. I freak out. That’s my phobia. It gets me out of stuff. Someone asks me to do something and I tell them I can’t because I’m claustrophobic.

Mark Consuelos

The kinds of roles dogs fill can be hard to come by in human relationships. We touch the dog or the pet at whim. There is a lack of self-consciousness and a fluidity to it that is absent from most human relationships. If someone acted that way to you, you’d feel claustrophobic pretty quickly. It’s a boundary violation.

Caroline Knapp

British crime stories tend to be very internal, psychological, claustrophobic, very limited in terms of geography.

Lee Child

I always think that the exceptional people are those who remain outsiders but still communicate on a grand scale. I think I want everyone to feel more free, and so I feel really claustrophobic on behalf of lots of people.

Bat for Lashes

The thought of being in space, and kind of enclosed, I find would be very claustrophobic. I think I would panic in that situation.

Sean Bean

Space is something that you have to define. Otherwise, it is like anxiety, which is too vague. A fear is something specific. I like claustrophobic spaces, because at least then you know your limits.

Louise Bourgeois

Overall, ‘Singularity’ has a certain lightness to it compared to ‘Immunity.’ It’s less closed off; it doesn’t have that claustrophobic sound.

Jon Hopkins

I get claustrophobic in a harness. I’d be a terrible superhero.

Kelly Macdonald

I’m very claustrophobic.

Brittany Snow

The old adage is, ‘Write what you know.’ But if you only do that, your work becomes claustrophobic. I say, ‘Write what you want to know.’

Julia Glass

Lives that are so conspicuous have a claustrophobic feeling. Once you’re in charge of running a country, you’re under scrutiny all the time. That’s a trap.

Kathryn Harrison

Overpopulated fiction can be so confusing that readers put the story down. Under-populated novels can seem claustrophobic or boring. You want the right number of characters for your particular work.

Nancy Kress

It is a strange world, Oxford – quite claustrophobic. I was often glad I was only there for eight weeks at a time.

Samantha Shannon

Playing the same role over and over makes me feel claustrophobic sometimes and smaller than I am.

Kerry Bishe

London was an exciting place to work at one point because, socially, it was very progressive – a catalyst. There were very interesting artists making all types of work, but it got to a point where the social aspect became claustrophobic.

Chris Ofili

What it was at the time was literally a plea for, to get the pressure off for a while, to give her space to breathe. She was very unhappy. She was feeling pretty claustrophobic.

Anthony Holden

The winters are too long, and there’s only one airline, so it’s difficult to escape when you feel frustrated or claustrophobic. The audience for our films isn’t very large, so it’s difficult to support an industry. But, Iceland is beautiful. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else.

Baltasar Kormakur

‘The Oath’ seems like the perfect project for me, coming off the back of a big-scale adventure film like ‘Everest.’ I want to delve into an intimate, dark and psychological world where the characters are claustrophobic.

Baltasar Kormakur

I have a fear of heights and I’m claustrophobic.

Kunal Nayyar

It’s claustrophobic, and I think it is to do with the amount that we’re exposing people to one particular point.

Sean Booth

I’m a bit claustrophobic, I know that now.

David Hockney

I’m a bit claustrophobic, I don’t like crowds, I live by the sea – that’s what I see when I come out of my house in Bridlington.

David Hockney

Luckily, I am not at all claustrophobic.

Perdita Weeks

Never say never, I find I get claustrophobic in a relationship.

Anne Hegerty

A game like ‘Myst’ may be a gorgeous slide show that preserves its beauty at the expense of speed. A game like ‘Doom’ sacrifices almost everything for action. But the eye soon adjusts: the degree of detail more than adequately conveys infinite claustrophobic labyrinths populated by howling monsters.

Marc Laidlaw

‘The Black Magician Trilogy’ was about a conflict between countries and was very limited and almost claustrophobic in its range of settings, while ‘The Age of the Five’ was about a conflict between continents.

Trudi Canavan

I was fed up with the situation I found myself in in the 1960s. I didn’t like being a barrister’s wife and going out to dinner with other professional people and dealing with middle class life. It seemed claustrophobic.

Caryl Churchill

I’m kind of claustrophobic… It’s not even like enclosed spaces. It’s like I hate being stuck in one band, you know? Just being stuck is the biggest drag, for fear that, you know, just that you can’t get out.

Dave Grohl

I have crazy claustrophobic dreams, weird elevator dreams where the elevator closes in and all of a sudden I am lying down – oh my God, it’s a casket. Just freaky stuff like that.

Dave Grohl

I think I’m a very solitary person. To actually not be anonymous is a bit claustrophobic for me.

Ani DiFranco

I’m quite claustrophobic, and I don’t like everyone crowding around and shouting the same questions.

Niall Horan

I don’t know if it’s irrational, and I would never say this before, but I think I’m a little bit agoraphobic when I’m in huge crowds of people. I mean, it’s claustrophobic, probably – small spaces and large groups of people, anxiety rises for me.

Taylor Hanson

‘Trilogy’ was more of a claustrophobic body of work. Before it was released, I hadn’t left my city for 21 years, and I had never been on a plane, not once. I spent my entire life on one setting; that’s probably why pieces of the album feel like one long track, because that’s what my life felt like. It felt like one long song.

The Weeknd

I was scared to do anything in the studio because it felt so claustrophobic. I wanted to be somewhere where things could happen and the subject wasn’t just looking back at you.

Annie Leibovitz

I’ve got to be by trees, otherwise I get claustrophobic.

Liam Gallagher

I had started writing as a poet in a closed, post-Revival, claustrophobic world, where the shadows of the national upheaval and the intense effort – the intense self-conscious effort – to make a literary movement were still evident. Now we lived a life as writers that was more cosmopolitan, more open, that had more travel and exchange.

Eavan Boland

At first it was exhilarating but when I realized it wasn’t going away, it became scary and claustrophobic. Fame is a weird thing.

Sharon Stone

I became super claustrophobic with Hollywood. I don’t like Hollywood. I don’t like what it represents. I think that Hollywood is great if you’re an actor, actress, established. But for reality people or what people perceive as reality, it’s tough. People are constantly discrediting everything you put on camera.

Brody Jenner

Doing some of the ‘Lord Of The Rings’ press junkets got a bit claustrophobic.

Ian Mckellen

I avoid subways like the plague because I’m claustrophobic.

Patty Griffin

I think you tend to try, during the time you’ve got off, to forget about the film. It was such a total world. I mean, the sets were claustrophobic, and as soon as you were on there, you were right back into it.

Rosamund Pike

I’m not a claustrophobe, but you don’t need to be to feel claustrophobic inside an MRI. It’s like being buried alive.

Billy Collins

If I had to model clothes in a time period other than the 21st century, I think I’d like to model way back when they just wore skin loincloths. That would be best suited for me – better than corsets. I’m quite claustrophobic.

Lara Stone

I don’t get claustrophobic.

Ian Ziering

There are still too many people out there who are claustrophobic. On easyCruise, we are going to open up as many cabins as we can.

Stelios Haji-Ioannou

I’ve noticed people in India have developed a habit of hugging around people. I don’t understand it now. I wanted to be hugged when I was young. Now, if someone wants to hug me, I feel only claustrophobic.

Ruskin Bond

I’ve fixed the toilet. And I’ve been crawling in claustrophobic places… you have to deal with that when you become a homeowner.

J. B. Pritzker

I’m not very good at being domesticated. I’ve tried. The domestic life I find claustrophobic – the rituals and habits and patterns.

Ralph Fiennes

Obviously, in different circumstances, I definitely related to this idea of feeling claustrophobic and wanting to discover things for yourself. I think that’s something that all young people can relate to.

Esme Creed-Miles

I like stripper shoes. I like being tall because I’m claustrophobic.

Jessie J

In Jenny Offill’s remarkable first novel, ‘Last Things,’ 7-year-old Grace Davitt watches her mother, Anna, descend into madness and tries to make sense of the claustrophobic world that Anna has created for her.

Nancy Willard

I really wouldn’t want to live in America. I found New York claustrophobic and dirty. I missed England when I was there, simple things like smells and the British sense of humor.

Jonny Lee Miller

What is Claustrophobia ?

Claustrophobia is fear over confined spaces. Many conditions or triggers may cause this, including capacity-crowded elevators, windowless spaces, and hotel rooms with closed doors and sealed windows.

In those with claustrophobia, even bedrooms with an exterior lock, small vehicles, and tight-necked clothing may trigger a response.Usually it is known as an anxiety disorder which often leads to panic attacks.

Several causes have been linked to the development of claustrophobia, including a reduction in amygdala capacity, classical conditioning, or a genetic predisposition to avoid small spaces.

One research reveals that extreme claustrophobia affects 5-10 percent of the world ‘s population everywhere, but only a small percentage of these individuals undergo any form of illness treatment.

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