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Classical & Freedom Liberalism Quotes at starsquotes

Liberalism is a philosophy of politics and morality based on freedom, the consent of government and equal rights. Liberals take a wide variety of views, but they generally support free markets, free trade, restricted government, the rights of individuals (including civil and human rights), capitalism, democracy, lay people, sex equality , racial equality, internationalism, freedom of expression, press freedom and religious freedom.

Believing that a crisis is a useful thing to create, the Obama administration – which understands that, for liberalism, worse is better – has deliberately aggravated the fiscal shambles that the Great Recession accelerated.

George Will

Liberalism is assisting quality of life, whatever you may choose.

Ted Nugent

People profess to have certain political positions, but their conservatism or liberalism is really the least interesting thing about them.

Zadie Smith

My generation of the Sixties, with all our great ideals, destroyed liberalism, because of our excesses.

Camille Paglia

Considering the popularity of soaps with the African-American audience, it’s grotesque that the entertainment industry, for all its vaunted liberalism, is lagging so far behind social changes in the United States. And why has there never been an all-black daytime network soap? It would probably blow the white soaps off the map.

Camille Paglia

Liberalism is trust of the people tempered by prudence. Conservatism is distrust of the people tempered by fear.

William E. Gladstone

Few news stories can demonstrate the stark difference between conservatism and liberalism like the George Zimmerman trial has done.

Mike Gallagher

If liberalism is to mean anything at all, it is duty bound to support without hesitation the dissenting individual over the group, the heretic over the orthodox, innovation over stagnation, and free speech over offense.

Maajid Nawaz

Liberalism will beat totalitarianism by killing it softly, not by mimicking it.

Maajid Nawaz

Liberalism seems to be related to the distance people are from the problem.

Whitney M. Young

But like a born actor who only really wants to direct, Gingrich has always been unsatisfied with what he’s brilliant at. He can’t still his hunger to deliver grand pronouncements on life, liberalism, conservatism, religion and whatever else swims into his consciousness.

John Podhoretz

Liberalism, austere in political trifles, has learned ever more artfully to unite a constant protest against the government with a constant submission to it.

Alexander Herzen

To me, the failure of liberalism – the tradition I come from – was not recognizing there has to be justice across the generations.

Richard Lamm

Over the course of history, the answer to nationalism has been liberalism, and I believe it can be the answer again.

Jo Swinson

As with ‘feminism,’ not to mention ‘liberalism’ and ‘conservatism,’ ‘political correctness’ tends to mean what you want it to mean, which also pretty much amounts to utter meaninglessness.

Meghan Daum

What is the relation between Christianity and modern culture; may Christianity be maintained in a scientific age? It is this problem which modern liberalism attempts to solve.

John Gresham Machen

The chief modern rival of Christianity is ‘liberalism’… at every point, the two movements are in direct opposition.

John Gresham Machen

I try to make a dent in people when I can. I figure people drift toward liberalism at a young age, and I always hope that they change when they see how the world really is.

Johnny Ramone

America faces a fundamental choice: either the blessings of liberty or the servitude of liberalism. In the political struggle for survival, one or the other is headed for extinction.

Nancy Pearcey

Lest conservatives be too proud, it’s worth recalling that conservatism’s rise was decisively enabled by liberalism’s weakness.

Bill Kristol

There will be trying times during Obama’s presidency, and liberty will need staunch defenders. Can Obama reshape liberalism to be, as it was under F.D.R., a fighting faith, unapologetically patriotic and strong in the defense of liberty? That would be a service to our country.

Bill Kristol

Harvey Weinstein does not personify American liberalism any more than Bill O’Reilly personifies American conservatism.

Richard Cohen

To think that the heritage of the West, including post-war liberalism, was a selfish, secular, practical arrangement of politics is a fiction.

Ben Domenech

Barack Obama’s political roots are liberal, but he has always resisted buying into the brand of liberalism that denigrates American greatness and potential.

Nina Easton

An aged rabbi, crazed with liberalism, once said to me, We Jews are just ordinary human beings. Only a bit more so!

Lionel Blue

Awards shows are being pushed to shed their genteel limousine liberalism and embrace the race-gender-sexual identity agenda in full.

Ross Douthat

Liberalism has never done as well as it thinks at resolving its own crises.

Ross Douthat

The fact that populism is flourishing internationally, far from the Electoral College and Fox News, suggests that Trump’s specific faults might actually be propping up American liberalism.

Ross Douthat

We have plenty of examples from twentieth-century history where, out of fear of liberalism or Communism, religious conservatives made alliances with secular populists and nationalists, and it ended up going pretty badly for everybody.

Ross Douthat

Politics is partially about what you fear more than what you love, so there are plenty of things about liberalism all by itself that make me tempted to support Trump.

Ross Douthat

I think that liberalism and the centrist governing elite of this country need to learn lessons from the Trump phenomenon. It is part of the way that the country is governed and the country is shaped that induces spasms of populism, including spasms of bigoted populism.

Ross Douthat

In India, it is not a contradiction for religion and liberalism to co-exist.

Amish Tripathi

The good news is that a vast majority of Indians from different religions see no contradiction between religiosity and liberalism, keep India stable. We religious liberals don’t talk loudly enough.

Amish Tripathi

Because liberalism typically doesn’t sell in American presidential politics, liberal candidates tend to run as culturally conservative centrists.

Rich Lowry
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