Cinemas Quotes About Cinephile, Filmmaking, Movies, Life, Family

Cinemas Quotes About Cinephile, Filmmaking, Movies, Life, Family

Cinemas Quotes About Cinephile, Filmmaking, Movies, Life, Family

Cinemas Quotes:

My dad occupied a government position, deputy collector, in a city called Nainital, so we had access to the cinemas at any time. I saw my first movies when I was very young.

Naseeruddin Shah

In my youth, cinemas showed two films in one day. I used to watch both of them. It may sound strange, but ‘West Side Story’ was the only musical I liked. I didn’t like musicals, or films with songs, at all. I always thought they were not real, that the songs sounded a little bit false. But in the case of ‘West Side Story,’ things were different.

Ennio Morricone

There is nothing in ANC policy which calls for attacks on civilians in supermarkets, schools, and cinemas unless these are regarded as military installations.

Oliver Tambo

I’ve spent days in cinemas answering questions from the audience, in interviews, travelling abroad, and all they do is thank me nicely.

George Lopez

The shelf life of a specific film has decreased while the number of films required to fill multiplex cinemas has increased.

Ram Gopal Varma

I never studied film formally at school, but as a kid, I spent most of my time in cinemas.

Wong Kar-wai

After the Revolution in ’49, all the films were propaganda. They serviced the government and carried the message that the government wants to relay to the people. But I think, in the last 10 years, because the film market is opening and there’s an expansion of all the cinemas in China, it’s now a lot like Hollywood productions.

Wong Kar-wai

If you could custom build new cinemas for every release of every movie, I think filmmakers would work in a lot of different aspect ratios.

Robert Eggers

I think the Norweigan model of municipalities owning cinemas and being programmed by people who know about films is a good one.

Ken Loach

I just don’t like cinemas very much. And when I do see a film it depresses me.

Steven Knight

‘The Look of Silence’ is able to have a wide public release, although still not in cinemas. It’s distributed by two government bodies, the National Human Rights Commission and the Jakarta Arts Council.

Joshua Oppenheimer

In the U.S., it would be so much better if the studios made many more smaller films for niche markets rather than a few tent pole films that swamp cinemas and Hoover up all the funding.

Beeban Kidron

I didn’t like noisy cinemas when I wasn’t famous.

Ricky Gervais

If you look at Disney’s slate compared to the other Hollywood studios, it stands out because of big titles and strong franchise films which also extend beyond cinemas, to merchandising or theme parks given the legacy of the four brands – Disney, Pixar, Marvel and now Lucasfilm.

Ronnie Screwvala

People think that cartoons are meant to be watched on television and not in cinemas. To get people into cinemas to see animation really boils down to storytelling for the family.

Ronnie Screwvala
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