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Zika Virus Vaccination Development, Mode Of Transmission

What is Zika Virus? The Flaviviridae virus (ZIKV) is part of the Flaviviridae virus family. The mosquitoes of Aedes, such as A, are spread by daytime. Aegypti, A. Albopictus. Albopictus. The virus was first isolated from the Ziika Forest of… Continue Reading →

Anthrax Symptoms, Prevention, Vaccine, Treatment

What is Anthrax? Bacteria Bacillus anthracis is an infection caused by anthrax. The skin, lung, intestines, and injection can be four forms. The skin shape presents a small, surrounding swelling blister that often becomes a painless, Black Center ulcer. Symptoms… Continue Reading →

Influenza Symptoms, Warning Signs, Transmission

What is Influenza? It, commonly referred to as ‘flu,’ is an influenza virus infectious disease. Mild to serious symptoms can be present. High fever, flushes in the nose, sore throat, muscle and joint pain, headache, cough and tiredness are common… Continue Reading →

Hepatitis A Symptoms, Vaccine, Treatment, Transmission

What is Hepatitis A? Hepatovirus A (HAV) is an infection in the liver that is caused by Hepatovirus A. Many cases, especially in young people, have few or no symptoms. There is a period between two and six weeks between… Continue Reading →

Hepatitis B Symptoms, Vaccine, Treatment, Transmission

What is Hepatitis B? It is a hepatitis B virus (HBV) infectious disease that affects the liver; it is a viral hepatitis of the type of hepatitis. It can cause both chronic and acute diseases. During the initial infection, many… Continue Reading →

Hepatitis C Symptoms, Treatment, Prevention, Testing

What is Hepatitis C? Hepatitis C virus causes acute infection as well as chronic infection. Usually, asymptomatic, is new HCV infections. Some individuals have acute hepatitis, which is not life-threatening. Roughly 30% (15–45%) of infected individuals spontaneously clear the virus… Continue Reading →

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