“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.” - Bill Keane

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Charles de Gaulle Quotes About Cheese, Nationalism

Charles de Gaulle Quotes: It is not tolerable, it is not possible, that from so much death, so much sacrifice and ruin, so much heroism, a greater and better humanity shall not emerge. Charles de Gaulle Since a politician never… Continue Reading →

Dusan Tadic Quotes About Love, Life, Target, Wage

Dusan Tadic Quotes: Novi Sad is a really beautiful city, and the club is really nice. It is one of the best youth academies in Serbia. Dusan Tadic You need to push yourself, and in time, everything will come together… Continue Reading →

Henri Frederic Amiel Quotes About Democracy, Life

Henri Frederic Amiel Quotes: Man becomes man only by his intelligence, but he is man only by his heart. Henri Frederic Amiel For purposes of action nothing is more useful than narrowness of thought combined with energy of will. Henri… Continue Reading →

Ukrainian Quotes About Love, Friendship, Wisdom

Ukrainian Quotes:  Canada has the world’s largest Ukrainian population outside of Ukraine and Russia. As a senator from Minnesota, a state with a large Ukrainian-American community, I understand how important it is that Canada works with us to stand up… Continue Reading →

Catherine Zeta-Jones Quotes About Husband, Age

Catherine Zeta-Jones Quotes:  I love my lawyer. I have to say that of course! Catherine Zeta-Jones I think, especially in our business we meet a lot of people, and sometimes you spend so much time being nice to strangers, and… Continue Reading →

Ivory Quotes About Heart Of Darkness, Color, Coast

Ivory Quotes:  We wish to firmly demonstrate to the world our determination to eliminate all forms of illegal trade in ivory. Poachers and illegal trades in ivory must know that their days are numbered. Mwai Kibaki There’s no California tan… Continue Reading →

Marc Guggenheim Quotes About Life, Infinite Earth

Marc Guggenheim Quotes: One of things we say on ‘Arrow’ is, ‘The only constant is evolution.’ Marc Guggenheim I happen to like dark, and I like the fact that ‘Arrow’ is a pretty dark show, particularly for a network show…. Continue Reading →

Earthquakes Quotes About Life, Healing, Bible, God

Earthquakes Quotes: If God is not sending earthquakes, destroying economies and inflicting pain upon human beings, what is God doing? God works through people, calling them to help their neighbors in need. God comforts His people, walking with them even… Continue Reading →

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes About Love, Life, Beauty

F. Scott Fitzgerald Quotes: Though the Jazz Age continued it became less and less an affair of youth. The sequel was like a children’s party taken over by the elders. F. Scott Fitzgerald After all, life hasn’t much to offer… Continue Reading →

Lords Quotes About Love, Wisdom, Death, Strength

Lords Quotes: On the whole, as we readily acquiesce in the acknowledgment that the field and the cabinet are the proper spheres assigned to our Masters and our Lords, may we also deserve the dignified title and encomium of Mistress… Continue Reading →

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