Butch Quotes On Pirate, Camp, Society, Time, Gay, Love

Butch Quotes On Pirate, Camp, Society, Time, Gay, Love


Butch Quotes:

Bob Fosse, even though he wasn’t gay. He was certainly queer and had a huge effect on the ‘Hedwig’ film, as did Hal Ashby and Robert Altman, who had a weird butch queer feeling about him. His films almost flirted with camp but in an extremely realistic acting way.

John Cameron Mitchell

‘Butch Cassidy’ was the only film I ever enjoyed making.

Robert Redford

Butch Vig was a true friend and really guided us, and it was such a fulfilling relationship with a person to make records with.

Laura Jane Grace

George Murphy tagged that name ‘Butch’ on me years ago. We were all at a party and he went around tagging names on people that didn’t fit them.

Cesar Romero

I am a big fan of movies that don’t take themselves too seriously. You know you won’t change the world, but have fun. Movies like ‘Butch Cassidy’ I enjoyed tremendously, but it didn’t alter my opinion of the world.

Baltasar Kormakur

I come from – I came from Wales, and it’s a strong, butch society. We were in the war and all that. People didn’t waste time feeling sorry for themselves. You had to get on with it. So my credo is get on with it. I don’t waste time being soft. I’m not cold, but I don’t like being, wasting my time with – life’s too short.

Anthony Hopkins

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I definitely think men prefer women more undone and natural than butch and masculine. They prefer a fresher, sexier, more feminine look.

Marie Helvin
Source: Facebook

I don’t connect to a certain girliness or talking about girly things – I feel unauthentic and uncomfortable in that world – maybe I’m just more butch than I realize! I have, however, been fortunate to have a number of great girlfriends. You don’t meet as many girls as you do guys in my line of work, so I do cherish my friendships.

Elizabeth Reaser

I feel like, for so many years in the industry, LGBT-identifying actors were told to play small or water themselves down or ‘butch it up,’ whether you’re a male and you’re only going out for straight characters because gay characters aren’t being written, or you’re a woman and you’re told to ‘femme it up’ to play the leading lady role.

Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman

I hate the stereotype that women who fight are ‘butch’ or ‘wannabe men.’ It’s nice to be able to embrace being a beautiful, strong woman.

Miesha Tate

I seem to get cast as one of two extremes. Either I play the butch heavy or totally nice guys.

Tim Pigott-Smith

I think a lot of people thought my career started with Butch Cassidy.

Robert Redford

I think I was scared of the drag thing, as a lot of gay boys are. It’s sort of knocked out of you in junior high. I wouldn’t find guys who were very feminine attractive. Then, doing ‘Hedwig,’ I got to be man and woman, really butch and really femme at the same time, and I realized, this is kind of the ideal.

John Cameron Mitchell

I think when I was a young person, there was just kind of – there was very little dialogue about it. And there was just kind of one way to be gay, right? You saw very effeminate guys. You saw very butch women. And there was no kind of in-between. And there was no – you know, there wasn’t anything in the media. There wasn’t anything on television.

Jacqueline Woodson

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