Business Quotes On Small, Funny, Powerful, New

Business Quotes On Small, Funny, Powerful, New

Business is the task of living or making money through the production or purchase of and sale of items (such as goods and services). Simply put, it's "any activity or business entered into for profit. It doesn't mean it's a business, a corporation, a partnership, or any formal organization like that, but it can range from a street peddler to General Motors. Having a business name does not separate the business entity from the owner, which means that the business owner is responsible and liable for the debts incurred by the business . If the business acquires debts, the creditors may go after the personal possessions of the owner. A business structure does not allow for corporate tax rates. The term is also often used colloquially (but not by lawyers or public officials) to refer to a company. On the other hand, a company is a separate legal entity and provides for limited liability, as well as corporate tax rates.

Business Quotes:

The common question that gets asked in business is, ‘why?’ That’s a good question, but an equally valid question is, ‘why not?’

Jeff Bezos

More business is lost every year through neglect than through any other cause.

Rose Kennedy

The gambling known as business looks with austere disfavor upon the business known as gambling.

Ambrose Bierce

Corporation: An ingenious device for obtaining profit without individual responsibility.

Ambrose Bierce

The work an unknown good man has done is like a vein of water flowing hidden underground, secretly making the ground green.

Thomas Carlyle

Reason and judgment are the qualities of a leader.


Try, try, try, and keep on trying is the rule that must be followed to become an expert in anything.

W. Clement Stone

Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.

W. Clement Stone

Every young man would do well to remember that all successful business stands on the foundation of morality.

Henry Ward Beecher

Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.

W. Edwards Deming

We succeed in enterprises which demand the positive qualities we possess, but we excel in those which can also make use of our defects.

Alexis de Tocqueville

People are definitely a company’s greatest asset. It doesn’t make any difference whether the product is cars or cosmetics. A company is only as good as the people it keeps.

Mary Kay Ash

A company is only as good as the people it keeps.

Mary Kay Ash

Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘Make me feel important.’ Never forget this message when working with people.

Mary Kay Ash

When times are bad is when the real entrepreneurs emerge.

Robert Kiyosaki

No employer today is independent of those about him. He cannot succeed alone, no matter how great his ability or capital. Business today is more than ever a question of cooperation.

Orison Swett Marden

Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast.

Tom Peters

Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design, manufacturing… layout, processes, and procedures.

Tom Peters

The meek shall inherit the Earth, but not its mineral rights.

J. Paul Getty

I buy when other people are selling

.J. Paul Getty

If you owe the bank $100 that’s your problem. If you owe the bank $100 million, that’s the bank’s problem.

J. Paul Getty

Informed decision-making comes from a long tradition of guessing and then blaming others for inadequate results.

Scott Adams

Remind people that profit is the difference between revenue and expense. This makes you look smart.

Scott Adams

The invisible hand of the market always moves faster and better than the heavy hand of government.

Mitt Romney

Government in the U.S. today is a senior partner in every business in the country.

Norman Cousins

Carpe per diem – seize the check.

Robin Williams

For the merchant, even honesty is a financial speculation.

Charles Baudelaire

An economist’s guess is liable to be as good as anybody else’s.

Will Rogers

It’s not what you pay a man, but what he costs you that counts.

Will Rogers

If you can build a business up big enough, it’s respectable.

Will Rogers

Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.

Napoleon Hill

The majority of men meet with failure because of their lack of persistence in creating new plans to take the place of those which fail.

Napoleon Hill

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.

Henry Ford

Business is never so healthy as when, like a chicken, it must do a certain amount of scratching around for what it gets.

Henry Ford

Our favorite holding period is forever.

Warren Buffett

Disneyland is a work of love. We didn’t go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money.

Walt Disney
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