Bursting Quotes About Crackers, Head, Brain, Love, Bubble

Bursting Quotes About Crackers, Head, Brain, Love, Bubble

Bursting Quotes About Crackers, Head, Brain, Love, Bubble

Churchill was the canny political animal, very devious, bursting with energy and determination, learning as hard as he could.

Lord Mountbatten

At 18 I wanted to study art history in Florence. I think I just fancied myself as Sophia Loren, wearing a foxy dress and walking through a market with a basket bursting full of figs.

Sophie Dahl

The culture of self-gratification and deregulation that began during the Clinton years and continued under President George W. Bush led to the bursting of one stock market bubble at the turn of the century and a full-scale financial crash less than a decade later.

Zbigniew Brzezinski

Hope is a key ingredient in what drives creativity – the hope of bringing to life what exists in the imagination, of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary – so it’s completely logical that Hollywood is the entertainment capital of the world. It’s full of people bursting with the desire to make the world laugh, cry, think.

Bonnie Hammer

I think I feel most like a princess when I’m sort of bursting with happiness and love, so whether that would be, like, with my boyfriend or my family or at a really fun party – just when you’re full of life.

Lily James

Our small ears never had such a workout as on the Fourth of July, hearing not only our own bursting crackers but also those of our friends, and often the boom of homemade cannon shot off by daring boys of 16 years, ready to lose a hand if it blew up.

Paul Engle

I used to have the most visceral response to having my photo taken. I felt like instantly bursting into tears and running out of the room. I hated all the attention, which is such a stupid thing for an actor to say.

Rebecca Hall

My heart was bursting with pride the night I fought Steve Robinson in Wales, and I made the champion look like the challenger.

Naseem Hamed

The imminent demise of the church has been predicted since the middle of the 18th century. This is the regular secular mantra if churchgoing declines. I could take you to plenty of churches that are full to bursting and new churches being built.

N. T. Wright

What is Bursting?

Bursting refers to a sudden and violent break open or apart, especially as a result of an impact or internal pressure.

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