Bursting Quotes About Crackers, Head, Brain, Love, Bubble

Bursting Quotes About Crackers, Head, Brain, Love, Bubble

Bursting Quotes About Crackers, Head, Brain, Love, Bubble

My father’s work is rather mysterious, not much said, and my grandfather’s is robust, bursting off the walls.

Jamie Wyeth

This country is bursting.

Pim Fortuyn

‘The Joy Luck Club’ is not a perfect film. But, I distinctly remember watching it with my mom – and bursting into tears after the screening!

Jessica Henwick

Like the women in my family, I’ve found the women in my lab a hard-nosed, ambitious lot who have gone on to be faculty members at top universities. In my own family, it is my father who is prone to bursting into tears.

Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

I actually failed my first license test. I got an automatic fail. I guess I had been doing well but she had to pull the emergency brake so obviously there was a problem. I remember them handing me my fail paper and me just bursting into tears.

Jane Levy

I can’t even remember anything before Albee. There is this bursting love you feel, but it’s so intense and so all-consuming. I’ve become one of those psychopath mothers who loves looking at my kid and being with my kid, and then, when he takes a nap, I’m just looking at videos and pictures of him on my phone. I’m obnoxious.

Katie Lowes

There’s nothing stupider than bursting into song for seven seconds and then falling silent again.

Richard Morris

I’m like, bursting. I should be working. I don’t want to take a break. It’s funny, on set, I don’t have to go to the bathroom, I don’t have anything wrong, I’m perfectly fine, so through-and-through. I’m not hungry. I’m literally not even in my own body.

Kristen Stewart

The nice thing about doing a pop opera – in the way that doing, say, ‘Miss Saigon’ or ‘Les Miz’ would be – is that, because the convention is set from the beginning that this is an opera and everything is sung, there is never that feeling of ‘Why is this person bursting out into song?’ because the whole thing is sung.

Lea Salonga

I then realized that I could never be satisfied again with the mere natural charm of my voice, that I had to constantly paint when singing, melting all the colors, expressing reds and blacks that had to be less primary but bursting with subtly colored combinations.

Placido Domingo

The winter solstice has always been special to me as a barren darkness that gives birth to a verdant future beyond imagination, a time of pain and withdrawal that produces something joyfully inconceivable, like a monarch butterfly masterfully extracting itself from the confines of its cocoon, bursting forth into unexpected glory.

Gary Zukav

I’m just constantly on the verge of bursting into tears with joy.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

In a bubble, eventually people start saying, ‘Wait a minute… these prices are way too high! What is anyone buying anymore? What could they possibly be thinking?’ And then there’s a correction and a bursting.

Robert J. Shiller
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