Bursting Quotes About Crackers, Head, Brain, Love, Bubble

Bursting Quotes About Crackers, Head, Brain, Love, Bubble

Bursting Quotes About Crackers, Head, Brain, Love, Bubble

Like many other scientists who hold the Catholic faith, I see the Creator’s plan and purpose fulfilled in our universe. I see a planet bursting with evolutionary possibilities, a continuing creation in which the Divine providence is manifest in every living thing. I see a science that tells us there is indeed a design to life.

Kenneth R. Miller

Poetical appreciation is only newly bursting on me.

Isaac Rosenberg

The madness of spring is so enticing. I love it when things are opening up and emerging from the ground. I also love the middle of summer when fruit is bursting forth, but I even love the garden in the winter when everything is resting.

Ross Gay

The defects and faults of the mind are like wounds in the body; after all imaginable care has been taken to heal them up, still there will be a scar left behind, and they are in continual danger of breaking the skin and bursting out again.

Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Germany are a tough opponent. They are quick and break on the counter at speed, and they are bursting with confidence.

Jesus Navas

When I was growing up in the ’80s and working in the theater, David Mamet exploded with a whole new reworking of what dialogue should sound like. It was punchy and raw and repetitive, bursting with dynamic. I remember that switching on a lot of lights for me.

Anthony McCarten

But all bubbles have a way of bursting or being deflated in the end.

Barry Gibb

Dead people never seem to address the obvious – the things you’d think they’d be bursting to talk about, and the things all of us not-yet-dead are madly curious about. Such as: ‘Hey, where are you now? What do you do all day? What’s it feel like being dead? Can you see me? Even when I’m on the toilet? Would you cut that out?’

Mary Roach

People bursting into song in unison and then pointing it at me is maybe the worst thing I can think of, never mind that you have to pay good money to go be yelled/danced at.

Mary H.K. Choi

But the single overwhelming reason why jails are bursting is longer sentences given for more crimes.

Polly Toynbee

I think the British have the distinction above all other nations of being able to put new wine into old bottles without bursting them.

Clement Attlee

Like Honeycrisp, SweeTango has much larger cells than other apples, and when you bite into it, the cells shatter rather than cleaving along the cell walls, as is the case with most popular apples. The bursting of the cells fills your mouth with juice. Chunks of SweeTango snap off in your mouth with a loud cracking sound.

John Seabrook

I’m the opposite of the actor that is bursting with confidence who just knows they’re going to make it. I’m the guy who’s like yeah, probably, it won’t happen.

Leigh Whannell

We escaped the last big bursting of a bubble – the dotcom bubble – with a relatively light U.S. recession. On that occasion, the world economy found its way back on track fairly quickly.

Evan Davis

When I was 3 or 4, I seemed to be bursting with music. They played Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra in the house, so I learned my vocabulary from song lyrics – I was literally singing before I was talking.

Dan Hill

I’m not particularly good at page layouts. I make an effort to stay out of the way of the artist. What I’ll try to express instead is, ‘What we’re going for here on this page is the idea of the containment of these women’s bodies. So I want them framed as though they’re bursting out of the panel borders.’

Kelly Sue DeConnick
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