10 Best Makeup Products Of 2020 To Look Attractive

10 Best Makeup Products Of 2020 To Look Attractive

10 Best Makeup Products Of 2020 To Look Attractive

Why do we need makeup products?

The makeup products is needed to make yourself look attractive and beautiful. Specially, we do makeup while we need to go in a party, meeting or going outside in an important work.

10 Best Makeup Products

1) Tarte Double Duty Beauty Busy Gal Gloss:

Tarte Double Duty Beauty Busy Gal Gloss

Ask anybody, but I looove good lip gloss, who knows me. I’m going to wear it on its own to add a sheen on a lipstick. And this Tarte’s lip gloss is one of the best I’ve ever tried.

It doesn’t even feel like you wear a lip glass that I know, I don’t think you can. It is light, moisturizing (thanks to Vitamin E) and it smells sufficiently good to eat, due to the vanilla in the formulation (but pls do not).

2) Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Liquid Eyeliner:

Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Liquid Eyeliner

The tip of this liquid eyeliner can pick up your finger honestly. Kidding, but, very seriously, precise and like a charm glides, so you’re not going to have to tug or pull.

Furthermore, a 10/10 color payoff and the formulation that is waterproof lasts for hours.

3) Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer:

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Just as you thought that moisturizer tinted in this cult favorite couldn’t get any better it did.

You must put this on your face right now, with a brand-new formulation launched this year (with super-hydrating ingredients, like Macadamia oil) and a wider range of shades (since!).

It gives you the perfect pure and no-make-up look with some added glow.

4) Pat McGrath Labs BlitzTrance Lipstick:

Pat McGrath Labs BlitzTrance Lipstick

The ‘mother of makeup’ is the Pat McGrath, and her golden child is this lipstick. Because of the Brazilian noggy oil in the recipe, it not only smoothly swipes on, but also moisturizes your lips with a glittering finish.

5) Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Balm:

Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Balm

This cream foundation was a thrilling feast for other members of the beauty team of Cosmo. And, guys, every word was alive.

It gives you a complete coverage, a matte finish which gives you FaceTuned IRL look. And, it is filled with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E.

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